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The Ranch Malibu: Part I


Brownell CEO and President Troy Haas recently returned from a week at The Ranch Malibu. He shares his amazing experience in a three part post. In Part I below, he gives background on the Ranch and answers why people go. 

I am just home from a very powerful week at The Ranch Malibu. This was an outstanding week in so many ways, and it has left me feeling better, healthier and more clear-headed than I could have expected. This is a superb place for those seeking to improve their health, balance and enjoyment of life.

ranch at live oak

Why do people choose The Ranch Malibu?  I found the answers from our group fell into three main motivations:

  • Reset
  • Jump start
  • Unplug.
  • Reset: Reset is all about stepping back from the pace of life and the consumption that goes along with it. Primarily caffeine, alcohol, food and electronics, this group just wants to drop the level down, if not remove these good but often a bit out of control items that take our lives out of balance. (This was my reason for going.)
  • Jump start: Folks came desiring to get more fit and active, primarily. Several self-confessed ‘couch potatoes’ were there to make a substantial change in their lifestyles and to look for a new game plan of activity, food and mindset to accomplish that.
  • Unplug: Many were looking to get away from electronics, work and family demands primarily. The lack of cell and Wi-Fi makes this relatively easy, with a couple of computers and phone lines for the occasional ‘fix’.

ranch at live oak

As for fitness levels, the group of 18 were roughly split three ways: very fit, reasonably fit and fitness challenged. Ages ranged from 23 to 65 and, while NYC was heavily present, we had people from TX, FL and CA in addition to the lone AL boy.  The interaction of our group was a real treat. The more fit ones were inspired by the ones who were not typically this active, and those who were struggling on some days were encouraged and cared for by those who were feeling good that day. And the staff sets such a tone of looking to encourage that it became natural for us all to find ways to encourage each other. What a great reminder that is for the power of encouragement vs. letting negative or critical thoughts and words lead the way.

Read Part II where Troy delves deeper into the accommodations, exercise, food and more!

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