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Peru’s Hidden Coast: Newly Discovered

North of Lima along the coast of Peru is the site of several pre-Inka civilizations. This section of Peru is least visited by tourists and we can get you there for an authentic Peruvian cultural adventure! This journey starts with a quick flight to Chicaylo. From there, it is an easy drive to The Lord of the Sipan Ruins. The actual site where the tombs were found and the museum where the actual treasures are kept are both within close proximity of each other.

What makes this area so special the Sipan Ruins are newly discovered. Therefore,  all of the treasures are still intact and housed together.  To continue on your quest for ancient ruins, travel from Chicayloto Trujillo along the Pan American Highway. This 3 hour drive will lead you to the more well known ruins of the Chan Chan and Moche civilizations.