Old Relationships, New Ideas, Cause for Celebration - Brownell Travel

Old Relationships, New Ideas, Cause for Celebration

A 16-year tradition at Brownell has been a lively, in-person company meeting we call Brownell Academy. More than a meeting, it is a homecoming celebration of our support teams, advisors, independent advisors, and partners from around the world. Like so many other companies, we had to cancel our in-person meeting scheduled for November of 2020. While gatherings of large groups are a non-starter in 2020, so is forgoing the professional development and engagement that results from that invaluable meeting of minds. Our team decided to make the meeting virtual.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in taking this special event virtual…let’s face it: we’ve all got Zoom fatigue. I wondered if our partners and teams would readily invest their time to try and capture some of the magic of meetings past.

I’m delighted to say, the answer is ‘YES!’. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the response from our supplier partners and our team. We will welcome partners from 85 companies and every time zone across the globe. These are the relationships that we depend on to deliver the exceptional experiences our clients count on from Brownell, and they are the relationships that feed us as we learn about the world and cultures and communities.

Who is coming? We’re honored that we have industry leaders – those with Cs in their titles – who cleared schedules because they recognize the unique audience they have with team Brownell. They recognize our team as the industry leaders who will be at the forefront of the recovery. And we have unique providers who may not have Cs in their titles, but they know what to ‘see’ (see what I did there?) and love sharing these experiences with our clients.

This collective of the best and brightest in the travel industry has the grit, the graciousness, the professionalism, and the influence to lead the way forward. We have learned from Brownell’s 133 year history, surviving and thriving through past world crises, and we are poised to explore anew in 2021 and beyond.

Why do we invest the time and the resources into Brownell Academy? Because COMMUNITY is paramount, and we have known that for many years. The time “together”, even virtually, builds on our foundation of knowledge and rich experiences that our clients love.

Old relationships, fresh ideas. Brownell Academy, here we come!