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New Year, New Experiences

2020 welcomes a new year and a new decade! In the spirit of all things new, make this year a time for new experiences in travel! Whether you’re discovering a place for the first time or returning to a beloved spot again, commit to trying new things that give you a fresh outlook on timeless destinations. We’ve rounded up our top experiences that put an exciting spin on our old favorites.

Instead of a traditional African Safari… try seeing Africa from above!

While we still hold a place in our heart for the magic of sunrise game drives, there is something special about getting a bird’s eye view of the stunning Masai Mara from a hot air balloon. Gain access to Africa’s most remote locations with a helicopter ride to the center of the action. The aerial views are sure to change the way you see the wildlife and landscape around you. 

Instead of a European river cruise… float down the Amazon!

Looking for an experience a little off the beaten path river? Roll down the river in South America! Arguably the best way to see the Amazon, a cruise through Peru lets you see the beauty of the Amazon and the animals that call it home. 

Multigenerational Villa Rental

Instead of connecting rooms… stay in a villa big enough for the entire family!

Spend time together in a new destination with the whole family under one roof! Who said breakfast has to end at 10:00? Pool hours? Never heard of them! Noisy neighbors? No thanks. You’re sure to appreciate the flexibility, privacy, and comforts of having your own home-away-from-home.

Instead of Florence and Rome…. visit Sicily and the Dolomites!

Meet the new faces of the Italy. Okay, they’re not new – but these two destinations offer an exciting spin on the more traditional sites in Italy. Enjoy the blue waters of Sicily while snacking on a slice of their world famous pizza, or take in the fresh mountain air in the Alps of Italy. 

Instead of the Champs-Elysees… go for a shopping spree in Morocco!

Shop til you drop in the medinas of Marrakech or the winding streets of Fes. Discover gorgeous textiles, ceramics, and treasures you can’t find anywhere else in the world! 

Instead of peeping penguins near Antarctica… see the polar bears in the Arctic!

Do you love wildlife as much as you love remote destinations and pristine wilderness? Then the North Pole may be the place for you. Take an expedition to see the polar bears and see locations that are largely inaccessible. 

Instead of a road trip to the National Parks… map out a US city tour!

Ready to spend some time on the open road? Switch up the classic National Parks road trip for a jaunt through popular US cities. Try some of America’s most delicious cuisine and take in the diversity of the cities sitting only miles apart. Whether you’re taking the train from NYC to Boston or the 101 from Napa to San Francisco, you may be surprised what you’ll find in your backyard! 

The-Siam. Atrium 9

Instead of the Caribbean… soak up the sun in Southeast Asia!

With alternating seasons, Southeast Asia is a great option for travelers looking to get a bit of vitamin sea in the harsh winter months. With all of the luxuries of a traditional beach vacation, you can encounter a new culture while still getting the R&R you’ve been waiting for. Bonus, the tropics of Southeast Asia are typically much less crowded than some of the more popular Caribbean destinations. Check out one of our favorites, The Siam (pictured)! 


Instead of answering London’s call… relax in the English countryside

With rolling green hills and breathtaking scenery, the countryside is one of England’s best kept secrets. With endless castles and bed and breakfast style accommodations, it’s the perfect escape for a spot of tea and a bit of fresh air. Check out one of our favorites, Coworth Park (pictured). 

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