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7 Most Revolting Travelers


Have you ever boarded a flight only to sit next to someone who makes you seriously consider using those emergency exits at 10,000 feet? You know, the one that talks your ear off, even when it’s covered with your headphones and your eyes or closed or the one that’s 4 vodkas deep at 9 am. When you’re in a small enclosed area with very little personal space, little personality quirks and habits (ok, some of these are big) are amplified. Check out these 7 most revolting travelers you don’t want to be—or sit next to!

The Complainer

“These seats are too small.” “Ugh! My seat doesn’t go back very far.” “They better have wifi for my Netflix in [enter name of gorgeous Caribbean island]!”  Listen, Complainer: we all share your woes in some way or another. We’d all love to be fully reclined in first class with all the comforts of home at our finger tips. But we’re not. And you’re not. So don’t whine and complain for the duration of the journey. If this is you, plan ahead by downloading TV shows or movies and bring snacks or whatever will tide you over.

The Gum Smacker

Please do not be this person. Really, just don’t. There is not much worst than sitting next to someone smacking and popping bubble gum for hours on end. Fine if you need it to help with the pressure change, but that by no means equals chomping it out loud and looking like a cow chewing cud. There’s a reason your mama said to never chew gum in public — take a look in the mirror while your go to town on some wintermint and you’ll understand why.

The Tipsy Traveler

Kristen Wiig yelling out to the colonial woman on the wing might be one of the funniest airplane scenes there is. But in real life, no traveler wants to be near (or trapped on a plane with) someone who has been over-served. If you need a toddy to calm your travel anxieties, have one. If you’re celebrating a trip and want to toast with some bubbly, do it. But keep in mind that with the thinner air the alcohol hits much harder.

The Smelly Food Guy

Sometimes the excitement of a trip combined with all the airport dining options (or lackethereof, depending on the airport and terminal) cases you to select some crazy food option. “Yes,” you say to yourself, “I’ll have the mega grande burrito! Let’s add all the jalapeños and black beans. Chips and cheese dip? Yeah buddy!” Fast forward 5 minutes and the odor from spread on your tray table has engulfed the whole plan so that all the passengers leave smelling like they dove headfirst into a swimming pool of burritos. Don’t bring that on the plane. Eat it in the terminal and save everyone the nausea of second-hand smells.

The One with No Regard for Others

We’ve all seen this passenger on the #passengershaming pages. The one who takes his shoes off (socks included) and props his feet up like he’s enjoying Super Bowl Sunday from is EZ chair. The one that brings 2 dozen donuts on board and, while attempting to balance boxes and guzzle cranberry juice, spills juice everywhere (cream colored carry-ons are now a nice shade of pink). The one who lathers up with sunscreen…on the flight. (Yes, we did want SPF 50 on our iPad and book). While traveling, keep other passengers in mind. Though a plane might be your home for the next few hours, it is not actually your home.

The Chatty Cathy 

This traveler wants to share her life story with you while simultaneously drilling you with questions. “Have you been to [insert destination before]? Me and Vinnie were here in ’72 after Bobby was born! How long are you going? We’ll be here just for the weekend! Who are you going with? Where are you staying? Do you have any children? Are you married? What’s your weekly grocery bill?” And even when you try to escape via headphones, you get the: “What are you listening to? Is that movie good? How many times have you seen it?” If you find yourself fitting the Chatty Cathy description, learn the non verbal cues i.e. the victim trying to read a book or listen to music.

The Seat Swapper

You planned ahead and selected your seat for a reason. Whether you want to sit in the front for a quick exit or the window because you love gazing at clouds, you picked it and it’s yours. Enter Janine who just can’t travel without sitting next to her hubs back (who’s sitting in a middle seat at the back of the plane). Would you mind swapping with him, she says. You’ve got to be kidding me, you think as you say no as graciously as you can. Avoid being this traveler by booking in advance. Your Advisor can find seats that fit your needs so you don’t have to nag your fellow passengers about your current situation.