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Moments that Matter

Brownell President & CEO Troy Haas reflects on spending time with those in our lives who matter most.

My father-in-law recently passed away, but this isn’t a sad story – he really stuck the landing. He lived a full and fruitful 92-years and the church where we held his memorial service was full to bursting. As we swapped stories and reflected on his life, I was struck by my eldest daughter’s most enduring memory of her grandfather. The picture she holds in her mind’s eye is of him standing at surf’s edge, holding a beloved grandchild in his arms, sharing a peaceful, private moment together.

What is it about taking time to get away from our daily lives that allows us to create such powerful bonds with the people we love? I find in my own life that spending time with the people I love – and who love me – is grounding. Having that time together helps connect us to the people and values that matter most.

Modern life batters us. The constant demands of technology, careers, and commitments leave little room for reflection and meaningful engagement. It takes a powerful event, like a death, to shake us out of day-to-day demands and to help us really be present and engaged with the people we love. The stories that are swapped and the hours free from distraction are when we build family legacies.

I am profoundly grateful for the quality time spent with my father-in-law, and the strength and stability he modeled for me and my children. They will remember his sturdy legs in the surf, but also what he taught them about treating all people with respect, honoring your commitments, and loving your family well.