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The Long Haul Flight Routine

It’s finally here! You’ve packed your bags and arrived at the airport a cool two hours early. Now all that stands between you and the adventure of a lifetime is… the flight.

Step One: Terminal To-do’s

You’ve made it through security with time to spare…now you’re free to tie up a few loose ends before you embark. First, sit down for your last supper so you can politely decline the sodium-fueled meal you’ll be offered mid-flight. Then, set out in search of the biggest bottle of water you can find – staying hydrated is crucial to feeling refreshed when you land! And after you cross the final item off your list, make a bee-line to the restroom for one last stop before the call for your zone to board.

Step Two: Pre-flight Prep

You’ve found your seat, and now it’s time to settle into your “home” for the next few hours. Make sure you have all your essentials and then store large items in the overhead bin.Water bottle? Check. Sleep mask? Check. Headphones? CHECK. Next it is time to rid your seat of germs from passengers past. Grab your travel-sized disinfectant and wipe down every nook and cranny in your seat – tray table, arm rest, air vent, seat belt…you name it! Now you’re ready to settle in and prepare for your journey. 

Step Three: Ladies and Gentlemen, Prepare for Take-off

Kickback and get ready to relax and enjoy the ride. The sound of the engines lulls you into a tarmac slumber. You wake up refreshed, ready to take on a new world right outside your window – only to discover you’re still taxiing down the runway…yikes! 

Step Four: The Beverage Cart

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, you see the beverage cart, slowly but surely, wheeling its way toward your row. You order a glass of champagne, because what goes better with a vacation than a glass of bubbly?

Step Five: Lights, Camera, Pass the Time

Okay, you’re a third of the way there. That’s, like, two movies away from being home free. You pop on your noise-cancelling headphones and scroll through the new-releases to carefully select which movie you want to watch (or fall asleep to).

Step Six: Snooze.

A feature length film and glass of champagne later, you finally find sleep. Head back. Mouth open. You’re out.

Step Seven: Awake with Anticipation

You can’t take it anymore; the excitement of your trip has awoken you from your peaceful, neck-pain inducing sleep. You review your itinerary for the hundredth time, and splurge for in-flight Wi-Fi to scour through restaurant reviews.

Step Eight: The Descent

Ding! The pilot has turned on the fasten seat belt sign as you begin your descent. With your seat-back in the upright position and your tray table stowed, you open your window shade to peer down at your destination below. You’re so close, but still so far away.

Step Nine: The Final Countdown

Wheels on the ground, you switch off airplane mode and prepare for the torture of deplaning. Passengers pile into the aisle, moving at a snail’s pace. Where is the sense of urgency, people?

Step Ten: Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Reached Our Destination

You’re free! You breezed through customs and have the stamp to show for it. You waltz out of the stale, cold airport and take a breath of fresh air! Here we go!