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LIMA: Top 5 “Must-See” Sights

Larco Herrera Museum : Interesting collection of pre-Incan pottery, textiles, tools, weapons, adornments, skulls and a body wrapped for burial.  Our preferred onsite guides are known to make the history of coastal Peru come alive! Located about ½ way between Miraflores and the airport.

Pre-Incan Pyramids: There are two of these unique pyramids located in different districts of Lima, but both located centrally within the city. The Huaca Pucllana Pyramid has a restaurant next to it which features a great menu and local cuisine. The pyramids are dramatically lit at night for the perfect backdrop as you stroll through the streets of Lima.

Casa Aliaga: Stop by for a gorgeous lunch in this historic, private home.  Appetizers are served on silver trays by white-gloved waiters while patrons get the chance to tour the home. Once seated at the grand dining table, enjoy a delicious and elegant meal.  After the main meal, treat yourself to a classic Peruvian dessert—most of which always incorporate exotic regional fruits. One delectable dessert plate here is the “cherimoya”, also known as “custard apple”, drizzled with a chocolate sauce.

Artesan Market in Miraflores:  If you are into alpaca wool, or any other textiles of Peru, this is a good place to buy finished items.  If you ask, you can also purchase wool by the skein: baby alpaca, royal alpaca (wool from the throat of the alpaca), regular alpaca, and alpaca blends.

Franciscan Monastery: This is an active monastery, so there is no photography allowed.  This location features catacombs with bones of over 70,000 people and a library filled with ancient literature.

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