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Lessons Learned While Traveling

Travel has the ability to teach us so much more than just a few words in a new language. Every trip is an opportunity to discover something about the world and yourself. Through years of exploring new places, the Brownell team has quite a list of lessons learned while traveling.

“Striking up a conversation with new friends while traveling can often lead to the best, most unexpected adventures!” – Brownell Independent Advisor Julie Sudderth

“A smile goes a long way when your language skills do not!” – Brownell Independent Advisor Christine Serio

“Even the most routine tasks, like grocery shopping, can be an exciting learning experience for families visiting a new country.” – Brownell Independent Advisor Suzette Mack

“Don’t believe too much of what you hear on TV. Do your own research before forming an opinion on certain destinations. Even the most warm and inviting places in the world get a bad rap on the nightly news from time to time!” Brownell Independent Advisor Marisa DeSalvio

“Pack a travel size medicine cabinet. You never know when that “trustworthy” street food stall is going to come back and haunt you.” – Brownell Senior Travel Coordinator Meaghan Kinkade

“Always be friendly to the airport representatives, especially when dealing with delays and cancellations. They know you’re stressed, and chances are you aren’t the only one. Go in with a good attitude and a bit of compassion, and you may come out with an upgrade. You catch more flies with honey!” – Brownell Travel Coordinator Clayton Trotter

“Place a shoe in the safe at your hotel to make sure you don’t leave any valuables behind! You’re much more likely to notice your only wearing one sandal before you notice that your passport is missing.” – Brownell Advisor Deborah Barth

“Get to know a destination through the food! Try a local favorite or ask your server what they recommend.” – Brownell Marketing Coordinator  Savannah Burton

“Be grateful for each experience. Even on those long travel days that seem to never end, appreciate the chance to get to see the world.” – Brownell Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Haisley Smith

“Go with the flow. After experiencing days without luggage, delayed – and cancelled – flights, and other trip disruptions, I’ve learned to take it in stride. There are so many things that are out of our control when we travel and it doesn’t do any good to get wound up. Also from those experiences, I know to allow plenty of time for connections (45 minutes for an international flight is a no-go!) and pack extra clothes in your carry-on.” – Brownell Senior Marketing Coordinator Brooke Whatley

“I highly recommend allergy translation cards, either homemade or purchased, to make sure crucial allergy details aren’t lost in translation.” – Brownell Independent Advisor Jen Berg Ogilvie.

“Travel of any kind can give you peace of mind. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or immersing yourself in a new culture, you can find rejuvenation and new perspectives no matter where you are.” – Brownell Travel Coordinator Courtney Sanak 

“Always have a back up plan. Whether it’s an extra pair of sunglasses or a plan B for when the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can never be too prepared.” – Brownell Assistant Graphic Design Coordinator Mere Rowlett

“Pack shoes you can rely on for those long days of endless cobblestone streets.When you need a slightly more elevated look than runners for a full day of walking, Allbirds wool runners tick all the boxes. They are lightweight, walk-all-day and still have happy feet!” – Brownell Independent Advisor Kristen Meckem

“Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone! Some of my favorite memories were made trying something I thought I would never do.” – Brownell Senior Travel Coordinator Cara Boggus

“You’ve heard it a million times, but less is more. Especially when packing! Pack according to your itinerary, and leave behind items that will be available at the hotel. When in doubt, leave it out.” – Brownell Incentive Travel Program Coordinator Dara Arbuthnot

“Be sure to leave a little wiggle room in your itinerary so that you are free to make plans along the way or take a bit to rest.” – Brownell Operations Coordinator Hannah McDonald

“Know that traveling is easier than you think. Vacationing in a faraway destination is more accessible than you may realize. There are not many places out of reach these days.” – Brownell Senior Travel Coordinator Janet Matheson

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