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Know Before You Go: Israeli Etiquette

While thousands of people travel to Israel each year to visit the Holy Land and other sights, it is important to keep in mind that this country has very deep cultural roots that must be respected. Our trusted on-site partners know every precaution and are there to ensure you enjoy your experience to the fullest while being observant of Israeli customs. When discovering the age-old relics and historical sights of Israel, it is pertinent that you remember the following courtesy tips when traveling through this country:

  • While both Hebrew and Arabic are official languages in Israel, Hebrew is by far the most widely spoken.  Although many Israelis with whom you will come into contact speak and understand English, as well as other European languages.
  • Local people are likely to have strong feelings about religious topics and political events—which they may or may not feel comfortable sharing with visitors. The same can hold true for your guides. You may wish to avoid engaging in conversations of a religious or political nature.
  • Because Israel is a deeply religious country, dress should be conservative; both men and women should not wear revealing clothing.
  • Please don’t encourage begging by giving sweets, money or other small gifts to children.

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