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The Ultimate kid’s Guide to the British Virgin Islands


Brownell Travelers come in all ages—and today we’re featuring a very special traveler, 8 year-old Adelaide Smith! She kicked off her summer with a big ol’ family trip to the British Virgin Islands. Her mom, dad, and sister met her grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins stayed at Rosewood Little Dix Bay for a week of sun, snorkeling, and exploring. Adelaide gives the inside scoop on the resort and the destination below.

What were you most excited about before your trip?

My family said it was super pretty, so I was excited about the scenery. I was excited about spending a week with Winnie [her little sister] and my mom and dad.

How was the flight?


What did you do on the flight?

Well, I started reading and just waited and ate some of my snacks.

What was your favorite thing you ate during the trip?

Breakfast was really good, especially the chocolate croissants!

What was your favorite activity?

Swimming. Me and my mom found this big, big rock that had snails on it. It was so pretty and you could see the beautiful blue ocean from it.

Virgin Gorda’s water kept its color. It was clear water, not so blue. It was a great place to go snorkeling.

And I can’t forget about the boat! The boat was super fast and then we stopped so we could go snorkeling. We went to the Indians and I saw a parrot fish and it was so colorful. It was like a metallic rainbow! Once I saw Dorys. My mom saw a big sea turtle! We also went to cave.

Where was your favorite place to go?

The beach.

What was your favorite part of the villa?

The pool. I loved swimming during the day.

What was the most interesting you saw?

When me and my mom went on the rock, we called it Princess Rock. And the boys tried to get on and say its their territory.

Would you go back?

I would go back! And I would snorkel at the Indians again.

Do you have any tips for kids going to Virgin Gorda?

Rent a boat and go snorkeling — its so fun! Stay at Rosewood Little Dix Bay.

What was your favorite souvenir?

3 magnets with shells.

What are the main things to have on your packing list? 

  • Toys
  • New Outfits
  • Clothes
  • PJs
  • Typical things you use on vacation
  • My Jackie O’s [sunglasses]

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