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It’s all about the Network

Let me tell you a little story about why it’s such a good thing that Brownell has connections around the world:

Our own Gay Gillen was in Vancouver, when she received a message that one of her longtime clients was in a hospital in Kayseri, Turkey.

He had been on the RSSC Mariner Black Sea cruise from Istanbul to Athens with a 4-night pre cruise tour in Cappadocia. Gay had used Nurdan’s United Travel to arrange a guide and driver for one day in Istanbul.

Her client had an abdominal hemorrhage during his stay in Cappadocia, and had emergency surgery in a clinic nearby. Because he is a doctor (retired gastroenterologist), he knew he was bleeding to death – very long story – but he’s now in Austin & recovering. According to him, this small clinic performed a very complicated procedure. He says that no hospital or clinic in a small town in Texas would be able to conduct a similar procedure. This is how serious it was: his wife told Gay that the staff in the Operating Room motioned for her to come in and stand beside him – he was near death. And no one spoke English!
Because the small clinic did not have an ICU, he was transferred by ambulance to an ICU in Kayseri – it was a teaching hospital. On Day 2, Saturday at midnight, On Call (the emergency service) arranges for them to be transferred by air ambulance to Istanbul. The hospital opened 6 months ago and is very modern! He recovered here for a week.

RSSC Miami did not have much information when they called Gay’s office on Thursday. She only knew that that he had been hospitalized near Cappadocia. Then it was another 48 hours before his son found her. Gay immediately called Nurdan at home on a Saturday night. Nurdan stayed in touch with his wife & knew of their arrival in Istanbul. Nurdan was simply extraordinary: The day after the couple arrived in Istanbul, Nurdan visited the hospital and then took the wife back to the hotel – she was a great comfort to them both.

Nurdan visited Gay’s client in the hospital several times. She assisted with translation of medical records and faxed the records to On Call. When the couple’s daughter flew in on Day 4 of this ordeal – Nurdan sent her own driver to meet her. Of course, Nurdan would take no money for any of this.

Gay, of course, was not surprised. Nurdan had taken good care of her clients for many years.
We are a family, aren’t we!

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