Is that English? Common Brit-Speak Translations | Brownell Travel

Is that English? Common Brit-Speak Translations

Yes, we promise they are speaking English. Still confused? Check out the following commonly used British words and phrases before your trip. We’ll have you speaking “Brit” before you can say tally-ho!

  • Crisps = potato chips
  • Chips = french fries
  • Bangers = sausages
  • Flannel = washcloth
  • Jumper = pull over sweater
  • Sweater = cardigan
  • Vest = undershirt
  • Waistcoat = vest
  • Tights = pantyhose
  • Chemist = drug store
  • Nail varnish = nail polish
  • Cash point = ATM
  • Mobile = cell phone
  • Underground/Tube = subway/metro
  • Subway = pedestrian passage under the street
  • Cider = VERY alcoholic apple based drink in pubs
  • Biscuits = cookies or crackers
  • Pudding = dessert (All desserts, not just pudding!)
  • Crackers = party favors at Christmas that pop with prizes inside
  • Quid = one pound sterling (Slang: like we say “buck” for a dollar.)
  • Zebra crossing = crosswalk (Pedestrians have right of way.)
  • Queue = line

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