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How You Can Help the Travel Industry

We’ve shared many reasons why travel is important. It makes us more creative, strengthens bonds, creates lasting memories, helps us learn, brings us more joy than physical items, and so much more. And beyond how travel is important to the traveler, it is also a huge part of the global economy: tourism accounts for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide.

Now that travel has come to a screeching halt due to COVID-19, 319 million jobs and 10.4% of the global GDP is in jeopardy. If you are interested in helping, we share ways that you can help the travel industry below.


If you already have a trip on the books, postpone instead of cancelling if possible. Many travel companies are adjusting their cancellation policies to be more flexible in these uncertain times. Talk to your travel advisor or the travel service provider to understand the policies before you cancel your trip altogether. To encourage others to postpone instead of canceling, share one of the images at the end of the post with your digital audience!

Keep Dreaming

We may not be able to travel the globe right now, but we can continue to dream about travel. There are many ways you can experience the world from your home through movies, recipes, virtual tours, and more. Learn about some here.

Brainstorm with Your Travel Advisor

Set up a call with a travel advisor to brainstorm your future trips. You may not feel comfortable setting dates, but you can figure out which destination, hotel, activities, and more to fit your unique preferences. And when we can travel again, you will be one step ahead!

Know the Facts

Everything is changing at a rapid pace, so make sure you are getting information from reliable sources, like the CDC and WHO. See some of our sources here.

Spread Love

During time like these, it is so important for us to support each other, both locally and globally. Take time reach out to friends and family around the world. Share words of encouragement. Support small businesses. Practice gratitude. Spreading love will help us come out of this stronger than ever.

Share any of the below images to share support of travel and encourage others to postpone travel. 

Together, we can keep the travel spark alive and help the travel industry. Click here to find an advisor or here to start dreaming and planning.


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