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How to Avoid Crowds in London


There’s nothing worse than fighting herds of tourists to get a glimpse of a must-see attraction. Whether it’s the endless lines of people waiting to buy tickets to a play or the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at the Tower of London, the ordeal can be so stressful and overwhelming that you can hardly enjoy the experience.

Your Brownell Advisor knows how to avoid crowds in London and let you discover more. Our onsite travel partners can arrange for special access that many people don’t even know is available. Even better, the level of personal attention you receive as a Brownell client is above and beyond. Here are is only a sampling of the exclusive access your Advisor can arrange to take your trip to London to a whole new level.

Crown Jewels

A visit to the Tower of London is a must on the London to-do list, but the sheer number of travelers with same idea will make you want to take refuge in the Bloody Tower! And if you want to get a glimpse of the famous Crown Jewels, you’ll have to ride the conveyer belt around a few times, straining your neck to get a good look. Forget that! Your Brownell partners can arrange early access for clients to the Tower of London. No line. No crowd. Talk about the Royal Treatment!

And if you can’t get to the Tower of London, Brownell guests staying at Brown’s Hotel have a rare chance to see the jewels during their weekly cleaning and polishing.

West End Theater

It’s no secret that London’s West End Theater district features fantastic plays. But how about following up a play with a backstage tour—with one of the cast members? You can whiz by the crowd of people trying to get autographs and get an inside look at how the production works.

Churchill War Rooms

If you’re a World War II junkie or love history in general, you’ll love getting a private tour of Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms. The Director of the War Rooms himself, Phil Reed, will take you past the lines and behind the glass to get an up close look at where history was made.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral each year. Designed in 1708 by Sir Christopher Wren, the cathedral was host to many important services, like Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding and Churchill, the Duke of Wellington, and Lord Nelson’s funerals. Brownell can arrange for a behind-the-scenes tour where you can explore places not open to the public.

Buckingham Palace

Forget standing in the crowds outside of the Buckingham Palace gates—go inside the gates and explore the State Rooms during an exclusive tour. Brownell’s UK travel partners can arrange for VIP access for our clients so that you can truly get a taste of what life as a royal is like.

For more information about travel to London, check out our London Guide. To plan a trip to London, contact a Brownell Travel Advisor.

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