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Heli-Hiking in the Bugaboos, Canada

Pascale LeJeune is a luxury travel consultant for Brownell Travel. Read below to learn more about Pascale and her recent adventure in Canada.

I just returned from a trip with CMH Canadian Mountain Holidays in the Bugaboos in Canada. It is definitely remote and it takes some time to get there but the views and the experience is unique and unforgettable. The helicopter dropped us off on a picturesque mountain ridge to begin our hike.

We hiked for 6 comfortable hours enjoying the scenery, nature, and our fellow companions. It was stunning–mountain ranges, beautiful and unique vegitation–we felt a 1,000 miles away from everything!

I was skeptic about trying on their own boot supply but was delighted with them, and wished I could take them home with me. Also being able to use their rain coats, daypack and rain pants give me less to pack and less to carry on the plane. I enjoyed hiking the entire time without worrying about my gear.

I highly recommend the experience, and I hope to return soon!

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