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Foodie’s Bucket List

Foodies gather ’round. We’ve rounded up the top local cuisines that every food lover should add to their bucket list. S0 cheers to those who love to see (and taste!) the authentic side of their destination! Dig in to our Foodie’s Bucket List!

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  • Argentina: Asado
  • Australia: Pavlova
  • Austria: Wiener schnitzel
  • Canada: Poutine
  • Chicago: Deep Dish Pizza
  • Chile: Empanadas
  • Egypt: Falafel
  • England: Shepherds pie
  • France: Bouillabaisse
  • Germany: Bratwurst
  • Greece: Dolmades
  • Hawaii: Poke
  • India: Tandoori Chicken
  • Jamaica: Jerk Chicken
  • Mexico: Enchiladas with mole
  • Morocco: Tagine
  • Nashville: Hot chicken
  • Poland: Pierogie
  • Portugal: Pasteis de nata
  • Spain: Paella (see Meg’s paella recipe here!)
  • Sweden: Meatballs
  • Switzerland: Cheese Fondue
  • Thailand: Pad Thai
  • Turks & Caicos: Conch Salad (or fritters!)
  • Vietnam: Pho

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