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Family Travel is Not Just for Kids

Troy-Family-Mexico-SnorkelBrownell CEO & President Troy Haas shares why family travel is for families of all ages.

Now that my three children are adults, the Spring Break vacations and trips to Disney are long behind us. And while I cherish those experiences, I must say that the memories we are making now on family trips are even more meaningful.

My friends shy away from traveling with their grown children and grandchildren because it seems like a lot of work. It seems hard. It seems expensive! But with the right guidance from a travel advisor, it doesn’t have to be any of those things. In fact, it’s just the opposite, and so much more.

In November my family of six, including my wife Ann and our two daughters, son, and son-in-law (all in their twenties) met in Punta Mita, Mexico to celebrate Ann’s 60th birthday. Here are a few “a-ha” moments I had while watching the gorgeous sunsets over the Pacific.


1. The warmth of the Mexican sun is no match for the warmth of the Mexican people.

2. Digital detox is good for the soul and creates opportunities for meaningful conversations with your adult kids as they navigate careers and life.

3. You can sigh with you whole body, like I did when we were greeted at baggage claim to avoid the chaos of the airport and our butler had a margarita waiting for us the minute we arrived at our Villa.

4. There is no right way to relax. My son-in-law relaxes by running 10 miles and my daughter relaxes by taking 2 naps a day.

5. You can find new family fun like learning to surf together. And recovering from surfing at 60 is a lot better when a skilled masseuse comes to your villa.

6. Joy is sitting together at the dinner table with a home-cooked meal prepared by an attentive staff.

7. Having your kids together under one roof in Mexico is infinitely less work and stress than entertaining them at home.

8. The greatest antidote to modern day life is a breathtaking wildlife encounter, like a paddle-boarding outing and spotting humpback whales breaching around you.

9. Time spent with the ones we love, no matter their ages, is as good as it gets.

Troy-Family-Mexico-CakeHappy Birthday, Ann!

The entire family together



So no matter how old your children are, take time to travel together and make memories that each person will cherish. Learn about some of our favorite hotels here, or click here to start planning your next trip.



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