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Exploring the Amazon: Brazil

The part of the Amazon that flows through Brazil is an older, more mature ecosystem. This means the trees are older and higher and the paths are deeper. We suggest the following two main paths to navigate along: the Rio Negro and the Tapajós River.

The Rio Negro entry and exit both stem from Manaus, the state capital of Brazil. By the city, you have two main rivers, the Amazon River (also called Solimões in this section of it) and Negro River. This is the area that may be more heavily saturated with travelers exploring by boats or staying in lodges. As each section of the Amazon varies in colored waters, the Negro River is no different. This section, hence its name, has black waters, which are poorer in nutriments.  However, don’t let this name fool you. Less nutriments simply means the waters are very clear, transparent, and bronze like color. They are perfect for swimming and seeing the reflection of the sun and moon. It has the advantage of having less human life around and adds to the feeling of the immensity and tranquility that the Amazon provides.  Also, although being poor in nutriments, it is still rich in sediment and has a high acidity factor; consequentially, it is literally mosquito free.

On this route (out of Manaus) you have the option of boarding a regular departure boat or going to a jungle lodge. However, for the most authentic way to experience the Amazon and view its lush beauties, we recommend chartering a boat. By doing this, your Brownell Advisor can work with our on-site partners with flexibility in creating an itinerary based on what you want to do. If you want to fish, just sit back and cruise, hike on shore, or visit more villages, we can accommodate your needs on a private charter. This also allows the added luxury of a private chef to cook special local dishes for you as well as an optional on board staff.