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Expeditions Around the World

Do you want a travel experience of a lifetime? We’re not talking a nice getaway where you see something pretty cool – we’re talking adrenaline-pumping, out-of-the-ordinary, cross-it-off-your-bucket-list type of trip. The one where you’re torn between taking photos to capture every moment and just soaking it in because it’s so amazing.

Yeah, that kind of trip.

If this sounds like something you can get on board with, look no further than Lindblad Expeditions. This company doesn’t just do expeditionary travel…they led the charge. Lindblad was the first to take guests to Antarctica in 1966 and then to the Galapagos in 1967.

And with Lindblad, it’s not just about the business. Lindblad’s goal is for travelers to return home as a voice and advocate for these incredible destinations. When you’re on a Lindblad expedition, you are surrounded by naturalists, geologists, biologists, and other scientists who are in the field doing the research and teach you more about what you are seeing and experiencing. 

Here are a few of our top picks of expeditions around the world!


Iceland has been all the rage in the travel world and isn’t backing down. Whether you like geology, history, or beautiful landscapes, Iceland has a way of entrancing you with its happy people and fascinating culture. (Or perhaps it’s the magic of the elves and fairies!)

With Lindblad, you can have a full 360-degree experience of Iceland during a circumnavigation of it. No need to worry about logistics; you can see Iceland’s geological features (glaciers, geysers, and waterfalls – oh my!), meet it’s people, experience the culture, hike along the coast, and so much more with a top expedition team.  

(See our Insider’s Guide to Iceland)


Alaska may be the 49th state, but it’s the first on many people’s bucket list. Lindblad offers several different Alaska experiences. The Wild Alaska Escape is the most active option with hiking, kayaking, rafting, and biking. For a more relaxed experience (but still active), the Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness takes you on an in-depth encounter with all of Alaska’s wonders – wildlife, fjords, and under the sea. And for photographers – aspiring or pros – the Big Picture Alaska itinerary focuses on seeing the beauty of Alaska and capturing it through a lens. 

Lindblad’s newest ships in Alaska, the National Geographic Quest launches in June 2017. This 100-passenger vessel has 22 balcony suites, connecting rooms (hello family trip!), and lots of public space. It’s completely sold out for 2017 (yes, it really is that spectacular!), so if you’re interested let your Brownell travel advisor know so we can get you booked for 2018! 


Experience Scotland expedition-style with Lindblad. You can delve into Scotland’s rich history and culture plus enjoy active elements like hiking and biking. Their ship, Lord of the Glens, is built to go through the heart of the highlands via the Caledonia Canal. During your trip, you will see grand castles, sacred abbeys, and sweeping countryside that take you back to the times of clans and monarchs. You will even see the site of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s infamous rebellion, Culloden (looking at you, Outlander fans!). 

Belize & Guatemala

We’re so excited Lindblad is going to Belize and Guatemala in 2018 we can barely belize it! Belize is known for its extraordinary underwater experience, so this is a must for diving enthusiasts. During the 9-day journey on the National Geographic Quest you can snorkel, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, and dive along the Mesoamerican Reef (the largest in the Northern Hemisphere). Beyond the under the sea adventures, the land expeditions take you to the Mayan ruins of Tikal. And of course, you’ll be on the lookout for monkeys, birds, and other wildlife as you hike through the jungle.


Just like Iceland, Cuba has been a buzzword in travel. Lindblad has its own twist on the Cuban experiences with a 10-day trip on land and water. Many trips to Cuba focus on the history and culture, but during a trip to Cuba with Lindblad you learn about the natural history as well.

Spend the first three days in Havana meeting with locals and soaking in the culture. Then, see Cuba by water aboard the Panorama II, a 44-passenger sailing vessel. You will spend seven nights on Cuba’s south coast exploring colonial towns and learning about nature. 

Pacific Northwest

Not all adventures mean international travel. Follow in the path of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark during a journey along the Columbia and Snake Rivers with Lindblad. Many trips in the Pacific Northwest are land-based with some kayaking or rafting elements, but during this 7-day trip, you travel through the region on a 62-passenger expedition vessel. You will still explore wineries and hike off the ship, but you get an up close view of the land that very few get to experience.

South Pacific & French Polynesia

When you think of the South Pacific and French Polynesia, you can’t help but picture the romantic, over-the-water huts and green islands rising out of crystal clear water. But if you want to explore the area beyond just relaxing on the beach, we’ve got good news: Lindblad just announced that it’s returning to the South Pacific and French Polynesia.

By traveling to the South Pacific with Lindblad, you can access hard to reach areas without the logistics of flying between islands. Plus, you have a National Geographic photographer, underwater team, and other experts on board.  You’ll get to swim in tropical reefs that few will ever see, experience Polynesian culture, and hike through the verdant islands.  Even better, Lindblad is offering free air out of LA — an incredible value!

Brownell Advisors can help you plan your expedition. Whether you want to see Alaskan wildlife up close, put yourself in Lewis and Clark’s shoes on the Columbia River, or enjoy a coffee in Havana, our advisors can help you discover the Lindblad itinerary that best fits your appetite for adventure.

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