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Europe for Every Traveler

Europe is not one size fits all. Home to over 40 countries, Europe boasts a vast variety of culture, history, style, and scenery. Much like the travelers that flock to these areas year after year, each destination is brimming with individuality and style. Luckily, we’re here to share our top European experiences for every type of traveler to make sure your journey through Europe is the perfect fit. 

For the One Who’s Been There, Done That

Montenegro: What could be better than the coastal Croatian villages perched overlooking the Adriatic sea? What if we told you that you could enjoy that exact Mediterranean charm without hordes of people? Montenegro holds the magic combination of sun, sea, and solitude. 

Puglia: As a top tourist destination for decades, Italy is a country we’ve come to know and love. So where do you go when you’ve already seen the quintessential Italy attractions like Rome, Venice, and Tuscany? Puglia! The rustic area is perfect for those who want an Italian holiday that is a little off the beaten path. With less crowds, you will be able to take in the beauty of the Italian countryside and savor the fresh, local cuisine.

For the Lovebirds

The Greek Isles: Couples looking for a blend of relaxation and activity, look no further than the Greek Isles. Each island offers a little bit of something for everyone. With delicious food, gorgeous views, and a lively energy, the islands of Greece check all of the boxes for a picture-perfect honeymoon, babymoon, or anniversary trip!

Capri: Journey to the island of Capri for a romantic getaway with an Italian twist. The best way to take in the beauty of the island is from the water. Explore the shores by boat and sail to the breathtaking Faraglione to share a quick kiss for good luck.  

South of France: With so many towns and villages just miles apart, the South of France makes for a very glamorous and romantic road trip! Spend the night in Nice for tapas and wine tasting. Then head to Saint Tropez for an elegant evening out. Lastly, unwind with a trip to Provence.


For the Adventurer

Switzerland: With bragging rights for Europe’s most famous peak, the Matterhorn, Switzerland is just the place to go when adventure calls. Switzerland serves up plenty of adrenaline-pumping experiences like climbing, kayaking, skiing, and hang gliding. 

The Dolomites: Situated in Northern Italy, The Dolomites offer jaw-dropping mountain scenery and exciting activities from biking to rafting, and everything in between. Whether you are hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter, this little slice of the Alps guarantees plenty of thrills. 

Iceland: The land of fire and ice let’s travelers get up close and personal with mother nature. Iceland takes adventure a step further with experiences like scuba diving in the Silfra Fissure and exploring ice caves. That’s enough to raise any adventure-seeker’s heart rate!

Multigenerational Villa Rental

For the Whole Family

Private Villa: The villa scene is nothing new for many European destinations. The freedom, flexibility, and privacy of having your own home away from home make these rentals a great option for large families traveling together.

Scotland: The fresh air of the Scottish Highlands, the bustling city of Edinburgh, and the warm Scottish hospitality create an exciting atmosphere sure to please everyone!

For the Foodie

Germany: German cuisine is truly unlike any other. The hearty, soul-food of Europe is equal parts delicious and comforting. Brät, anyone? 

Sicily: In search of the perfect slice? Look no further than Sicily. The home of your favorite late night food is also the perfect place to experience a different side of Italy.

Croatia: The coastal area of Croatia, called Dalmatia, boasts incredible scenery – and even more incredible food! Fresh seafood, yummy cheese, and local wines make this region of Croatia a foodie paradise.


For the Busy Bee

The English Countryside: The hills of England make a great escape from the stress of the day-to-day. Sit back, enjoy a spot of tea, and let your out of office message do the talking. Might we suggest one of our personal favorites, Coworth Park (pictured)?

Mallorca, Spain: With ideal weather year-round, Mallorca offers a warm weather refuge for weary travelers in need of R&R. This little island off the coast of Spain is a quaint and quiet destination that is excellent for a quick trip away to unwind.

For the Bucket Lister

The Northern Lights: No bucket list is complete without the Northern Lights. Typically best seen from remote locations on a clear night, the aurora borealis is an elusive display that will take your breath away. 

Venice: Venice has been an Italy favorite for centuries – and for good reason! The city is one of kind and full of Italian charm. Experience the beauty of Venice and Burano from the waters of the world famous canals.


The Azores: The landscape and volcanic activity that lies beneath the Azores make it a hot spot for marine life! This remote part of Portugal is home to numerous species of whales and dolphins. If your lucky, you might even see a loggerhead turtle, one of the world’s rarest sea turtles. 

Sweden: Reindeer, foxes, and wolves – oh my! Explore the arctic lands of Sweden to check out some of nature’s most fascinating cold-weather creatures. With pristine lakes, forests, and wetlands, it’s easy to see why so many critters call this Scandinavian gem home.

Romania: Spanning from the Black Sea to the Tarcu Mountains, Romania is one of Europe’s best kept secrets when it comes to wildlife encounters. With a wide range of diverse species and landscapes, Romania is a destination as unique as it is beautiful.

For the History Buff

Budapest: On the banks of the Danube, Budapest serves as a cornerstone for European history. Stroll through the city, nicknamed the “Heart of Europe”, to learn about some of Europe’s most interesting historical sites first-hand. 

Poland: Poland has long been a mecca for historians and travelers wanting to learn more about Europe’s past. It’s role in WWII is still visible throughout the country and serves as a living history book for travelers from around the world. 

Portugal: Discover the roots of early civilizations in European’s oldest country, Portugal. With history traced back more than 400,000 years ago, Portugal offers endless opportunities to learn about the influences that formed Europe as it is today. 


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