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Cruising 101

Ahoy Matey! Are you ready to dive into the world of cruising? We’re taking it back to the basics for a Cruising 101 overview of everything you need to know to become a world-class cruiser.


Sea lion and pup in Galapagos Islands during an expedition with Lindblad.

Adventure and Expedition Cruising

Do you crave off-the-beaten-path experiences? Do you dream of a vacation where you can enjoy the great outdoors? Then expedition cruising is just what you need! These adventures are a match made in cruising heaven for adrenaline junkies, bird watchers, wildlife fanatics, and anyone in between. You can get up close and personal with wildlife and nature while learning from some of the world’s top marine biologists, naturalists, and other experts. Kayaking with whales? Check. Exploring the rainforests in Costa Rica? Sure!


The Tauck Emerald in Germany

River Cruising

Cruise into the heart of charming cities and towns via some of the world’s most famous waterways. With a river cruise, you can escape the motion of the ocean – and the crowds – and go right into the center of the destinations. And without having to unpack and repack as you explore different cities and countries, you can enjoy a leisurely pace and immerse yourself in the local culture.


Belmond’s barge in France

Barge Cruising

Does a barge filled with 4-12 of your closest friends float your boat? Give barge cruising a whirl! Our partners at Belmond have seven different barges in France that allow you to experience a slice of French life. As you cruise slowly from town to town, you can soak up the views on the deck or ride a bike along the shore. And no matter how you decide to spend your time, it’s all about the joie de vivre.

  • Where to? France
  • Lines We Loves: Belmond

Caviar and Champagne with SeaDream Yacht Club.

Small Ship Cruising Yachting

If you think cruising just isn’t for you, think again! Small ship yachting is perfect for the traveler who doesn’t like crowds but wants to explore unique destinations with ease. With no more than 112 passengers on board, you’re a guest on a yacht – not one of thousands of passengers on a massive ship. And since the yacht is small and intimate, the level of personalized service is exceptional and the vessel can go to unique and exotic ports that larger ships can’t even begin to reach.

  • Where to? The Mediterranean or Caribbean
  • Lines We Love: SeaDream Yacht Club, and upcoming Ritz Carlton Yacht

A Holland America ship in Norway

Premium Cruising

A premium cruise is just the ticket for large groups or families! These cruises offer plenty of on-board activities and tons of itinerary options, so it’s easy to find a cruise that travelers of all ages can enjoy. The ships are smaller than the mega-boats, but they still have plenty of space to spread out during your time between ports.


Seabourn Odyssey in Sydney

Luxury Cruising

When you think of luxury cruising, imagine a floating 5-star resort. White-glove service, gourmet cuisine, and gorgeous ships are just a few of the traits that separate a luxury cruise from the rest. When you cruise on one of these small, intimate ships, virtually everything is included. You can relax without worrying about what it will cost to get off the ship and can enjoy every moment experiencing incredible destinations with ease.

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