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Why You Should Go On a Cruise to Alaska

We’ve all been ready to go on vacation but can’t decide where to go. And if the whole family is involved, forget about it! Different interests and strong opinions can make it just about impossible to pick, but lucky for you, we’ve got your answer: a cruise to Alaska.

Not only does a cruise have something for everyone (and can keep even the most energetic child entertained), but in Alaska you can take a break from the normal stressors and enjoy the beauty of our world. Our partners at Holland America have been taking travelers into this incredible destination for over 70 years – longer than Alaska has been a state!

Still not convinced? Or just want to learn more? Here are seven reasons why you should go on a cruise to Alaska.

Perfect for Multigenerational Travel

If there’s a destination that can appeal to travelers of all ages, it’s Alaska. A cruise to Alaska can be as fast-paced or relaxed as you want, plus not everyone has to do the same thing. (That will make the stories at the end of the day even more exciting!) Travelers of all ages will love seeing the beautiful vistas and exciting wildlife in person. On board, Holland America has plenty of activities for everyone – Club HAL for children ages 3-17, evening entertainment, cooking classes with America’s Test Kitchen, a spa, and so much more!

Activities Galore

Whether you love adventure or want to immerse yourself in history, there is so much to see and do during the shore excursions in Alaska. And since you are traveling via boat, you get to experience many different destinations without being cooped up in a car (and then a plane and then another car) for hours on end. Holland America offers dogsledding in the Mendenhall Glacier, whale watching, a seaplane adventure, a zip-line expedition, fishing, and a visit to the Kroschel Center for Orphaned Animals just to name a few.


Whales and bears and sea lions – oh my! There is abundant wildlife in Alaska, and you can experience from water and land during your cruise. As you travel from one port to the next, keep an eye out for a whale breaching the surface or bald eagle soaring above.


Keep your camera nearby – you never know what you might see…even from your stateroom! Pro tip: If you’re cruising north, choose stateroom on the starboard side; if you’re cruising south, go for the port side. You’ll be able to watch the surrounding water and the shoreline for any wildlife and see the beautiful glaciers and mountains.

Land Adventure

After traveling all the way to Alaska, you might as well complement your cruise with a land adventure. And to keep things simple, Holland America offers fabulous land and sea journeys so you can experience the best of both worlds with ease.  Spend a few days in Denali at Holland America’s newly renovated McKinley Chalet Resort or even go off the beaten path into the Yukon.

It’s a Bucket List Destination

Alaska is one of those places that ends up on everyone’s bucket list. Whether you want to visit all 50 states, experience its unspoiled scenery firsthand, or whatever your reason may be, Alaska simply captivates visitors with all there is to experience and explore. And with the landscape changing over time, now is the time to visit and see Alaska in its true glory.

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