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Brownell’s Bowden Discovers the Galapagos

Bowden Sarrett, VP of Brownell’s Mobile office, recently traveled to the Galapagos with Tauck Tours. See below for her a few snapshots of her adventure.


Below are some pictures of the many pictures from Bowden’s trip, including a ton of critters she came in close contact with on the island. This is what traveling to the Galapagos is all about!

The Galapagos Islands is a very popular destination for ecotourism and great for photography and animal exploration. Many cruise lines offer unique itineraries that allow passengers to get up-close and personal with rare species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Here, you can experience the wildlife without being overly invasive. In fact, many clients have said that baby seals and penguins will walk right up to you for a playful interaction.
If you have the urge to Discover More of the Galapagos and all the flora and fauna it has to offer, contact Brownell today!