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Brownell team talks with HAR

Why Brownell Advisors Make 4x the Industry Average.

If you’re interested in the travel industry and entrepreneurship, you won’t want to miss the recent webinar hosted by Host Agency Review featuring Brownell. As one of the top-five Virtuoso agencies with a 135-year legacy, Brownell’s skilled experts in marketing, partner relations, and sales support shared what sets them apart from the competition. The panel discussed Brownell’s comprehensive hosting and mentoring programs, which have helped independent travel advisors and mentee graduates become top producers making four times the industry average.

In conversation with Host Agency Review’s founder Steph Lee, the webinar provided a rare behind-the-scenes look at the secret to Brownell’s success, making it a must-watch for anyone looking to grow their business in the travel industry.

“With $200 million in sales generated last year, Brownell is clearly one of the top-performing agencies in the travel industry. The success of our advisors is equally impressive, with 80% of them bringing in over $100,000 in revenue and some even reaching sales of up to $1 million. Advisors who joined Brownell from other agencies saw a 60% growth in just one year.”

The Brownell team attributes their success to their extensive support system, which includes Hosting Support, Air Desk, Insurance Desk, Partner Relations, and Marketing Department.

By providing these resources and meeting advisors where they are in their business journey, Brownell is able to help them achieve their goals and take their business to the next level.

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