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Brownell Book Club: Third Edition

Summer is in full swing and that means summer travels are well underway! So what better time to share the third edition of the Brownell Book Club than now? (See the Second Edition here and First Edition here.) Our travel advisors have shared books they are loving that are perfect for road trips, long flights, beach days, and any other way you spend the dog days of summer. Happy Reading!

Any of the three books by Melanie Shankle. Read The Antelope in the Living Room, Nobody’s Cuter Than You, and Sparkly Green Earrings. Cute and funny stories about her life. Quick and easy reads. – Karen McAlpin

Hillbilly Elegy — a truly remarkable, autobiographical book by J. D. Vance, a Yale-trained lawyer whose family came from the Appalachian coal country. It is an enlightening glimpse into this culture and its challenges. Valuable social policy from an author who would call himself a conservative (he’s written for National Review), but his views come out of life experience, not ideology. Voices like his deserve to be heard in the national political conversation. – David Ourisman

New York by Edward Rutherfurd. It is the history of New York told through the lineage of one family from the founding to 9/11, and it is very well written and so informative! Now I want to read his London and Paris books! – Merrill Laguarta

Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire by Alex Von Tunzelmann. I am reading it in preparation for my first trip to India this summer, and it is fascinating! The summary reads: “The stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, liberated 400 million people from the British Empire. With the loss of India, its greatest colony, Britain ceased to be a superpower, and its king ceased to sign himself Rex Imperator. This is the remarkable story of the events surrounding this transition.” – Kelly Millington

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett – Set in the Amazon, it is complete fiction but a great little adventure! She also wrote Bel Canto set in an unnamed South American country. – Ginny Mabry

Oh, Florida! by Craig Pittman. It is an award winning book by a newspaper columnist. It will make you want to cry and laugh and be astonished about the state’s history and weird stories about people places attractions. After you read you will understand the 2000 elections and much more! Highly recommended. – Rebecca Falkenberry

Four Seasons in Rome by Anthony Doerr (who wrote All the Light We Cannot See) – It feels like he turned his personal journals into a novel that highlights the small differences and struggles of living temporarily in another country while also trying to blend in. I also loved The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin, a historical fiction book about Anne Lindbergh and how she learned to fly and pioneer the development of commercial air along with her husband, Charles Lindbergh. – Amanda Foshee

Beautiful Ruins by Jessie Walter. It takes you to both the Golden Age of Hollywood and present day. It starts with a glamourous American actress that ends up in a small coastal town of Italy in the 1960s. Fifty years later, an Italian man arrives in Los Angeles looking to get information from a famous director. Also, The Venetian Bargain by Marina Fiorato. This is perfect for lovers of Venice. It takes place during the late 1500s. After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Sultan has his revenge by sending a man with the bubonic plague on a ship to Venice. Soon the city is infected. Also on that ship from Constantinople, a woman doctor fleeing from becoming the Sultan’s concubine. – Claudia Austin

The Tender Bar written by my friend J.R. Moehringer. It is a terrific read. – Tui Leatherman

I second The Tender Bar!!! Having grown up in Manhasset, the town in which it is set, the subject matter was clearly of interest. (I may or may not have spent some time in said bar in my youth). What I did not expect was to be so totally swept up in his writing. In fact, it sparked in me a keen interest in memoirs — including Andre Agassi’s which for J.R. Moehringer is not listed as an author, but whose style is clearly recognized. – Christine Serio

Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It might sound odd, but it is a really great read. His life story is pretty fantastic. Equal parts historical, celebrity gossip and political memoir – something for everyone! – Rachael Cansler