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Babymoon with Silversea


Advisor Katherine Norton and her husband recently returned from a babymoon with Silversea. For 10 days, they made the Silver Muse their home-away-from-home as they cruised though Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy. From the exceptional service to the delicious cuisine to the beautiful ports-of-call, Katherine discovered that a cruise is perfect for a babymoon and any other couple or family that simply wants to disconnect and bond. She gives an inside look at her experience below:

(Babymoon = like a honeymoon, but a relaxing getaway before the couple has a newborn)

Katherine and Charlie on their veranda.

Katherine and Charlie on their veranda.


We spent SO much time on our Veranda. It was actually very large and the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or a good book. My favorite time of the day was that 5-7 PM time before dinner when we could shower and then sit in our robes and have a cheese plate while overlooking our latest destination.


We mixed it up with one full day private shore excursion to the Istrian Peninsula from the port of Slovenia, a few days at leisure exploring the charming towns on our own, and a few days of Silversea Shore Excursions.

Why would you recommend Mediterranean?

It is a perfect destination for those looking for a good mix of relaxation and culture. You won’t spend hours in museums but you will be able to truly relax and enjoy quality, peaceful time together. You don’t need a schedule – in fact, don’t even try. It was the first time in a long time I was able to truly relax while also feeling like I wasn’t just wasting time.

Favorite part about the ship?

The service. Every gesture feels genuine and easy. The staff is kind and gracious, and they work so hard.

What was the standout experience with Silversea?

Service, service, service! Though the ship was beautiful and the food great, the service makes Silversea unique among other luxury cruise lines. It is beyond just “may I get you something” but the kind and gracious team anticipated our needs. The staff knew us by name and worked so hard to make every day easy and enjoyable for us. Our butler took his job very seriously though we did manage a few good laughs by the end of the trip. He took care of everything- even ordering our room service for us so there was nothing “lost in translation”. (Very important for a pregnant lady trying to order a cheese plate!)


Katherine in Greece.

Why is a cruise a good babymoon?

You really do not even have to think, which makes it an ideal trip for anyone—babymoon or not—looking to truly unwind and not stress over the day to day details. We were able to truly relax and connect with each other. We slept in, had breakfast in our bathrobes, and let the day unfold in front of us. We may not have a vacation like that again for many years, so we appreciated every second.

How were the other passengers?

Silversea is not just for the older generation! There were guests of all ages who enjoyed the cruise in different ways. Some clients hardly left the boat, regardless of age. Others took the daily Silversea excursions at 8 or 9 am every morning and toured the towns on their own all afternoon. We loved meeting and getting to know guests of all ages. What do you ever learn if you only spend time with your age group?

How was the culinary experience?

The food was really good and there was good variety. The team did an excellent job adjusting to my dietary restrictions. Our favorite lunch was La Terrazza, and our favorite dinner experience was actually the night we had room service on our balcony, complete with a white table cloth. My husband Charlie had a steak and I had a hamburger – a dream for this pregnant woman! We were cruising into Montenegro as we dined and the scenery was simply stunning.

What was your favorite part of this trip?

Our Silversea cruise was one of our favorite trips together because we were able to fully disconnect from work and fully connect with each other. This trip brought us closer and is an experience we will never forget it!

Katherine’s top 3 tips for couples planning a babymoon:

  1. Pick a place where you can truly disconnect. Even if this is not on a ship, put your phones away and spend time together. Sure you will have other vacations together in the future, but you will have a child to worry about at home. Enjoy this time!
  2. Do not over schedule yourself. Instead plan to see a few things you are truly interested in, not just what the guide book says. Then, let the days unfold in front of you. Trust me when I say these will end up being your favorite days.
  3. Try a cruise. You may not have ever thought of yourself as a cruiser, but if you have an interest in the itinerary, you will find it is one of the easiest and least stressful ways to travel. Pick an itinerary with smaller, lesser known ports as they will be less crowded and you likely would never have seen them otherwise.

*Please note: many cruise lines do not allow passengers to cruise who are 24 or more weeks pregnant, including those who will enter their 24th week of pregnancy at any point during the cruise. Please contact your Brownell Advisor for specific cruise line policies and contact your doctor regarding any travel while pregnant. 


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