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Africa’s Top 10 Hidden Gems

Botswana: Located in the Southern region of Africa, this desert country is known for its rich music and textiles. Enjoy the many sounds of Tswana folk music that are lively and bold during celebratory rituals. Most of the chants and tunes are composed bAmelia Picturey unique regional instruments such as the Setinkane or even the simple sequence of hand clapping. Also, be sure to check out the local markets to purchase beautifully hand woven baskets made by natives that double as a useable souvenir and art piece!

Ethiopia:This country is one-of-a-kind in every sense of the phrase. Its calendar includes 13 months and it is the only African country with its own alphabet. Furthermore, the culture of Ethiopia is as rich as the coffee it is known for worldwide. If you venture to this African destination, be sure to try a special blend from a local market or cafe for a caffeine experience like no other in the world.

Madagascar: This island, the fourth largest in the world, is located right off the eastern coast of continental Africa in the Indian Ocean. Since it is bordered on all sides by water, it boasts some pretty spectacular unspoiled beaches along with rainforests bursting with wildlife. This is the ultimate destination for nature photography and getting up close and personal with some of the rarest animals in the world!

Morocco: Morocco is a very diverse country brought to fruition by its varied cultures and inhabitants over the course of time. Here, you will find religious structures of many kinds including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In fact, the government of Morocco has put laws in to place that protect the country’s legacy and culture, resulting in an authentic experience for travellers. In addition to its rich history, Morocco features delicious cuisine and takes pride in the performing arts.

masaimaraballoonsNamibia: Namibia is home to five regions mostly filled with deserts and plateaus. However, one desert, The Kalahari, does not exactly fit the traditional definition of “desert” such as it grows lush vegetation in some areas. This is a unique feature to the country of Namibia and is one of Mother Nature’s mysterious wonders. For this reason, along with the myriad of animals found in Namibia, it is a prime destination for ecotourism.

Rwanda: This lush country features many lakes, including Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu runs along the western skirts of Rwanda and is one of the deepest lakes in the world. Many of our preferred travel partners offer tours throughout Rwanda, including a visit to the largest natural park for Hippos in the world! Rwanda is also a cultural feast, showcasing music and dance in many of their festivals and gatherings. No trip to Rwanda is complete without seeing a performance from the country’s world renowned National Ballet.

Seychelles: This Republic consists of 115 islands located east of continental Africa in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is known for its gorgeous beaches and relaxed atmosphere. This destination is also great for ecotourism as it is home to freshwater crabs, the Giant Tortoise, large colonies of birds and beautiful wild flowers. A boat tour through the waters surrounding the islands complete with a snorkeling adventure in the protected coral reefs lets one get up close and pertentviewsonal with the marine life native to the Seychelles.

Tanzania: Home to the continent’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is situated on the East coast of Africa. A guided safari is definitely the way to go when traveling through Tanzania, as game reserves and national parks make up more than 40 percent of the country’s land area. In addition to the high peaks of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania has beautiful beaches and off coast islands including Pemba and Zanzibar.

Zambia: Situated in South Africa, Zambia features two relatively large towns: Lusaka and Copperbelt Province. The Zambia culture is unique in the fact that, due to its history, it has influences of Bantu culture with a taste of European influence mixed in as well. As with most African countries, you can find a multitude of textiles, woven baskets, and other handmade gems in this area. Zambia’s most well-known sight is Victoria Falls, also called “the greatest known curtain of falling water” in the world! This breathtaking cliff of flowing water stems from the Zambezi River, which separates Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: For another view of the spectacular Victoria Falls, cross over into Zimbabwe for even more sweeping water vistas. Also while exploring Zimbabwe you will come across gorgeous teak and mahogany trees in addition to an arrangement of natural flowers bursting with color. If forest exploration is not your thing, head to the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, an ancient stone city. End the day by wandering the streets of local villages to get a taste for the local cuisine or catch a game of soccer or cricket.