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9 Perks You Can Only Get with a Brownell Travel Advisor


If you want to take your travel experience to the next level, the answer is simple: plan your trip with a Brownell Travel Advisor. While booking a trip yourself seems freeing and exciting, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There are nearly 400 MILLION results when you google “hotel in Paris.” Who has time to sift through the results, find properties within your budget, figure out which ones are in the prime location, and then check for availability? Add researching restaurants, scheduling guides, and arranging transfers, and you might as well make planning travel your full time job (PS – you can! Click here to learn more!).

So now that we’ve convinced you why you should use a travel advisor, here are a few perks that come with your wise decision. As the oldest travel agency in North America (129 years and counting!), Brownell has extensive connections and travel partners around the world. Also, Brownell is a member of Virtuoso as well as a preferred partner of multiple leading hotel brands. That means as a client, you are privy to insider access and exclusive benefits and amenities not available any other way. Here are 9 perks you can only get with a Brownell travel advisor.

1. Insider Access

No one likes lines and crowds — just spend 10 minutes in the Louvre trying to get glimpse of the Mona Lisa in the middle of the summer. A Brownell advisor can arrange for exclusive experiences that allow you to skip the lines and not waste valuable time.

(Complimentary) breakfast with a view in Turks & Caicos.

(Complimentary) breakfast with a view in Turks & Caicos.

2. Complimentary Breakfast

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you especially don’t want skip it when you’re traveling. The combination of jet lag and hanger (hunger & anger = hanger) can be brutal and send your trip on a nose dive. When you book with Brownell, you get complimentary breakfast at more than 1000 hotels and resorts around the world. Hanger: avoided.

3. Hotel or Spa Credit

Another exclusive perk at our partner hotels is a $100 hotel or spa credit. Who would say “no thanks” to $100? That’s right…no one.

4. Upgrades

In the words of Beyonce, “Let me upgrade you.” We secure upgrades at hotels around the world, many at time of booking. You’ll get a nicer room for the same price — oh you fancy, huh?

5. Special Occasions Made More Special

Sure you can tell the receptionist it’s your honeymoon or tomorrow is your birthday at check-in. You might even get a special perk or two. But wouldn’t it be better to be get a warm welcome noting your special occasion, a room upgrade, a special amenity (hello Champagne!), and more to mark the occasion — just by showing up? Your Advisor will work closely with our personal contact to ensure that your special trip is even better than you dreamed.

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Toast your birthday with complimentary Champagne and dessert in an up- up- up-graded room (Photo from a Brownell Traveler at The Peninsula Chicago.)

6. Free experiences

Many of our hotel partners offer complimentary experiences to our clients, like a martini class, museum tickets, bicycle tour, or picnic in a park. Just a little something to make a fabulous trip even better!

7. VIP Status 

You won’t be “reservation #321898” when you #TravelwithBrownell. We make sure our partners know who you are and are aware of your unique preferences. You’ll feel like a VIP — just don’t blame us when your friends and family don’t roll out the red carpet when you get home.

8. Authentic Experiences

Would you rather see a destination as tourist or experience it like a local? If you prefer the former, keep reading. Our on-the-ground partners aren’t just familiar with a destination. They live, eat, and breathe it. They know the markets where the locals go and can guide you through it. They can arrange for you to visit a local home or learn a craft from an artisan.

9. Peace of Mind

We’ve all read the travel horror stories. Someone getting booked in a creepy hotel, being turned away at security because your passport expires in two months, costly trip disruptions beyond the traveler’s control, and so on. There’s no need to worry your vacation will be a newspaper headline when you book with Brownell. You advisor knows that your hotel is safe and clean. Your tour guide has been vetted and verified by our trusted partner. We encourage you to get trip insurance so you’ll be covered if anything happens. And if anything does go bump, your advisor is your advocate and is only a call away to get the issue sorted out quickly and efficiently.

Enjoy your trip knowing your travel advisor has your back, like this Brownell Traveler at Elbow Beach in Bermuda.

Enjoy your trip knowing your travel advisor has your back, like this Brownell Traveler at Elbow Beach in Bermuda.

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