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7 Ways to Reset When You Travel

With endless to-do lists and constant activities (and, you know, a global pandemic), life is stressful enough. So when you travel, make it a point to get away from the busyness and enjoy the moment. We share our top ways to reset when you travel below.

Put the Phone Down

We repeat: put.the.phone.down. Instead of checking Instagram and Facebook, look at what is happening live and in front of you. And you don’t have to give everyone live updates of your trip either. Take a few pictures and then be in the moment. Those photos will bring back amazing memories for years to come – as long as you put away the technology distractions!

Leave Work at Work

How often do you find yourself watching the clock during lunch with a friend, staring at your phone during your child’s game, or rushing through a family dinner so you can respond to an email or finish a project? And when you think back on it, can you even remember what work thing was so important that you missed the opportunity to be present with family and friends? Probably not. During your trip, don’t bring work with you. The break will allow you to clear your mind, fully enjoy your travels, and return refreshed.

Make Time to Explore

Trying to stick to a packed schedule of activities while you travel is downright exhausting. Instead of cramming a museum visit, architecture tour, and market experience in before lunch, allow downtime for the unexpected and impromptu. We recommend one activity in the morning and a different type in the afternoon (like a museum visit and then a food tour) or even leaving half a day wide open to simply experience the destination – because how often do you have time at home to enjoy a long, leisurely lunch or wander through a charming neighborhood?

Be Flexible

Things happen when you travel. Flight delays, less-than-ideal weather, and other trip disruptions are part of the experience (and that’s why you use a travel advisor and get travel insurance). Rather than getting bogged down with what went wrong, focus on the positive – spending time with people you love, experiencing something different, or just getting to travel.

Breathe It In

Whether you’re looking at a world-famous sculpture or taking in a gorgeous view, pause for a moment to soak it all in. Let your mind process the sights, smells, and sounds. These quiet moments (even if the quiet is just in your mind) allow you to connect to the experience on a deeper level.

Do What You Need

There may be a mile-long list of must-sees in a destination, but if a lazy morning spent sleeping late and enjoying room services is what you need, do it. Don’t let the pressure to see and do it all keep you from taking care of your needs. After all, it is your vacation!

Get Moving

Physical activity is a great way to relieve stress, get your blood flowing, and improve your overall health. If you are able, incorporate some movement in your trip. It can be something as simple as walking from one spot to the next instead of taking cab (you just might discover a charming shop or café that you would have missed!).

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