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7 Places to Go on a Luxury Expedition Cruise

There are luxury cruises and there are expedition cruises, but can you have the best of both worlds? With our partners at Abercrombie & Kent, you can! For more than 25 years, Abercrombie & Kent has taken travelers to explore some of the most fascinating destinations in the world via a luxury expedition cruise.

So what is an Abercrombie & Kent luxury expedition cruise like? You are on an exclusively chartered vessel with no more than 199 other travelers*, your stateroom or suite has a private balcony, and you experience exceptional service – the staff-to-guest ratio is 1:1.3! Plus, every voyage is truly all inclusive…we’re talking excursions, meals, beverages, and onboard gratuities.

And your experience is as enriching as it is luxurious. There are about 18 Expedition Team members* on board who are the very best experts in their field. So while you experience the destinations, you learn about them from the pros in real time. It’s like having a real-life textbook onboard to make the destination come to life!

Are you ready to go on a luxury expedition cruise now? We’ve rounded up 7 fabulous destinations to go below!



Oh Antarctica, the White Continent that so few get to experience! Don’t you want to be one of the lucky ones? Abercrombie & Kent has several itineraries (here and here!) that take you to the 7th continent. You get to meet penguins up close, witness marine life, and explore with award-winning scientists.


The Arctic

And on the other end of the spectrum – or other end of the world – there is the Arctic! Here you can meet fascinating Arctic communities, see unique flora, search for Arctic wildlife, like polar bears and walruses, as you explore Norway’s Svalbard Islands, Greenland, and Iceland. Beyond wildlife, there are plenty of adventures to be had. Hike through Iceland’s Hornstrandir Nature Reserve or go deep inside the luminous Langjökull Glacier.

Northwest Passage, Canada, Herschel Island, Musk Oxen

The Northwest Passage

Travel from Greenland to the Bering Sea on the historic waterway less traveled, the Northwest Passage. This may be one of the least-sailed major routes in the world, but that does not mean there is a lack of things to see and do. You will cruise in the footsteps of the greatest polar explorers, stopping in remarkable – and remote – islands along the way. And if conditions permit, you can see the spectacular Northern Lights. Talk about a trip of a lifetime!



With a fascinating history and vibrant culture, interest in traveling to Japan is on the up-and-up, and Abercrombie & Kent’s luxury expedition cruise to Japan allows you to experience so much of this country. More than just the must-see cities, this itinerary takes you to unique ports like Karatsu and off-the-beaten path wilderness areas. You can see and learn about Japan’s arts and culture, architecture, history, geology, and more from the onboard experts.



As the “Cradle of Western Civilization,” Greece attracts travelers intrigued by ancient history. And as a gorgeous island destination, Greece attracts travelers who want to relax on a Mediterranean beach. Abercrombie & Kent’s luxury expedition cruise to Greece combines the country’s diverse offerings in one awesome itinerary. See Greece’s archaeological marvels in Knossos, medieval heritage in Rhodes, geological features in Santorini, culinary experiences in Crete, lively culture in Mykonos, and pristine beauty on exclusively reserved beaches.



Abercrombie & Kent’s Australia adventure takes you to the lesser known Kimberley region. Located in the northern end of Western Australia, this vast untouched area has raging rivers, pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, and awe-inspiring waterfalls all waiting to be explored. You will learn about one of the world’s last frontiers from the pros as you cruise from Broome to Darwin.



You may not think of Italy as the destination for a luxury expedition cruise, but Abercrombie & Kent’s exciting adventure will have you singing a different tune. During the trip, you experience the top cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice, but you also delve deeper into the country’s lesser known towns – all with  the ease of a cruise. You’ll stop at the Aeolian Islands, Sicily, and Corsica as well as coastal towns as you cruise around the boot.


*Some programs are on smaller vessels with a maximum of 150 guests. The Expedition Team will be proportionally smaller on these vessels.

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