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6 Things to Know about Silversea Cruises


If you haven’t taken a Silversea cruise (or any cruise for that matter), you probably don’t know exactly what to expect. And if you do have expectations, chances are Silversea is different – and in the best way!). Get the inside on what to know about Silversea Cruises below.

Service is Going to Be Tops

Silversea takes caring for guests to a new level. From your butler to your room steward to the experienced onboard staff, the Silversea team knows how to make you feel comfortable without being intrusive. They work to get to know you and your preferences, so you feel right at home. Do you prefer a firm mattress? Your butler can take care of it. Love a dirty martini with three olives before dinner? The bartender will learn your order and have it waiting.

Advisor Katherine Norton and her husband aboard Silversea

All About Choice

It’s your trip, so why would you be boxed in on your daily activities. From when and where you want to eat to how you want to spend your day, Silversea makes it easy to customize your cruise to fit your wants and needs. You can sign up for Silversea excursions and make dining reservations ahead of time, but if you want to make changes on board, no problem! With enough notice, the team will help you tweak your itinerary to fit your preferences.

It’s for All Ages

You might think some cruise lines are meant for families and others meant for adults. This is not the case with Silversea. Sure, a longer, more exotic itinerary will have fewer families with children, but you will find travelers from all generations on most every sailing. Whether it’s a young couple relaxing during a babymoon, an older group celebrating retirement, or a multi-generational family spending quality time together, Silversea cruises are for all ages.

There’s Adventure

You may think you’re not a cruiser because you like a little more action. Enter Silversea Expeditions. Combining the luxury you expect from a five-star hotel with the excitement of an expedition, these journeys take you to some of the most remote regions of the world, like Antarctica, the Galapagos, and the South Pacific. Each expedition ship is purpose-built, and there is an experienced expedition team on board to enrich your experience.

The Cuisine is Fabulous

You can expect fresh, flavorful cuisine on a Silversea cruise that is inspired by the local destinations. Each ship has multiple dining venues, so you don’t have to eat at the same place every day. Even on the expedition trips, the food is nothing shy of gourmet.

It’s Easy

Imagine getting to experience five destinations during a trip. Now also imagine the time you would spend checking in, unpacking, repacking, checking out five different times. With a Silversea cruise, you are one and done, and you can spend the rest of the time simply enjoying the experience.

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