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5 Ways to Survive a Long Flight

Five ways to survive a long flight

The idea of jetting a far-off destination is simply fantastic, but one part of the trip can be especially daunting: the long flight. The ever-shrinking legroom and uncomfortable seats are just the beginning to the stress. We’ve asked our advisors for their tried and true tips for this week’s Friday Five: 5 Ways to Survive a Long Flight.

1. Dress to impress for comfort.

Wear something comfortable for the flight, and pack layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures. A light sweater and scarf are an easy way to wrap up if its chilly. If you want to look nice pre and post boarding, bring something more comfortable to change into for the duration of the flight.

2. Stay so fresh and so clean.

Pack small size toiletries so you can freshen up during and at the end of your flight. Brownell traveler Morris Middleton packs full size toiletries in his checked bag for extended trips, but he brings travel size ones in his carry on for the flight (and in case his luggage was delayed-the worst!). This VOIlight toothbrush sanitizer is an awesome way to pack your toothbrush and avoid picking up nasty plane germs.

3. Rest up.

Getting sleep on a flight can be quite the challenge, so pack products that can solve that issue. Obvious items are noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask, and an inflatable pillow, but there are so many more products, like this blow-up foot rest–perfect for vertically challenged passengers!

4. Get hydrated.

Water is so good for you all the time, but is especially important for a flight. The pressurized cabins result in low humidity, so it dries out your mucus membranes making it harder for your body to keep out germs. Avoid paying an arm and a leg for a bottle of water in the terminal, and bring an empty reusable bottle through security to fill up at a water fountain.

5. Fake it.

As much as we’d love all these products and methods to work every time, sometimes you’re just restless on the plane. Maybe it’s the anticipation of the upcoming trip or maybe it’s the gum-smacking passenger in seat 15A. Whatever it may be, you don’t want to deplane looking like you’ve been awake for days. This refreshing facial spray + this detox eye roller are just the cure for these SOS scenarios.

What are your favorite ways to survive a long flight?