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5 Reasons to Give the Gift of Travel

Finding the perfect gift is tricky. Will that argyle sweater be too small for your dad? What if your husband all of a sudden has an aversion to whiskey? And still to this day, you’ve never given your sister a gift that she hasn’t immediately returned. Did you know studies show the happiness we feel from receiving material things fades much quicker than the joy we receive through experiences? Travel is a powerful way to show you care and the benefits far outweigh anything you can tie together with a bow. So this year, instead of spending hours searching for the perfect gift, consider gifting a once-in-a-lifetime trip or a relaxing weekend away. Here are five reasons you should give the gift of travel. 

Memories last forever

Chances are you don’t still have that gadget you had to have or wear the shirt that was so in style, but the memories of your family roadtrip through Yellowstone or your first trip abroad stick out vividly in your mind. Let’s be honest, no matter how thoughtful your Amazon Prime find is, chances are it will be forgotten just as quickly as it was delivered. Your travel memories, however, will last a lifetime. 

the gift of quality time

Travel gives us the gift of time away. And when we can escape the day-to-day routine, we can reconnect as we spend time with loved ones.  It’s been shown that shared experiences are key to strengthening relationships, and what’s better than experiencing a new place together? Whether you’re jetting off with the whole family, a group of friends, or your better half, you’re sure to enjoy quality time while sparking a renewed appreciation for one another. 

Travel broadens our horizons

Seeing new places and engaging in different cultures opens our minds and helps us gain new perspectives. As an educational tool, travel is an exciting way to learn about the world around us and will certainly receive a much more enthusiastic response from little ones.


Do you or a loved one suffer from boredom, lack of inspiration, or general feeling of restlessness? Might we suggest a three-day spa weekend to calm your nerves and ease your mind? Or perhaps a week-long jaunt through Europe to reignite creativity? While we don’t doubt that Goop’s Gift Guide has the latest and greatest items for self-care, there is something about getting out of town that simply can’t be beat

the gift that keeps on giving

The gift of travel is more than just the trip. As soon as your loved one unwraps the gift, the excitement and anticipation begins. You can give a perfectly designed itinerary, so all your loved ones have to do is think about what to pack. You can give a trip with no set destination or plan, and together you can work with your travel advisor to create a personalized travel experience. Or, if your loved ones want to make travel a priority, you could give them Wanderlist, a service that helps you turn your bucket lists into a well-organized travel plan. Then, the trip itself gives you and your loved ones the chance to do all the things mentioned above – spend quality time together, broaden your horizons, and reset. And after the trip is over, you will return with memories that you will cherish forever. 

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