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45 Life Changing Reasons to Travel

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Stop saying, “I’ll take that trip next year.” Now is the time to explore the world! Whether you go to a beach to rest and rejuvenate or travel halfway across the world to explore an exotic destination, the most important thing is that you go. Studies have shown countless benefits of travel—it makes you more creative, it helps you grow as a person, and it makes you happy!

Still not convinced? We share 45 more reasons to travel below.

  1. It opens your eyes to new cultures.
  2. “When I travel, it reminds me how special the place I live is.” –Linda Allen
  3. The world is easier than ever to see.
  4. How would you know about the best pizza spot in Italy if you never go to Italy?
  5. It makes you happy!
  6. The dollar is stronger than it’s been in years.
  7. Humans were originally nomads—travel is genetic.
  8. You’ll see the world’s incredible beauty in each new destination.
  9. “I travel to remind myself just how big the world is and how small it is, both at the same time.” –Susan Whitson
  10. “Each time I travel to a new place, it inspires me to be a better person, learn to live with less, be more generous, and engage with my local community more.” –Pascale LeJune
  11. You can completely immerse yourself in a new culture and destination.
  12. “To enrich my children’s lives by exposing them to cultures and experiences beyond our little bubble at home.” –Haisley Smith
  13. “I travel to learn . . . either to experience more deeply things I’ve studied, like art, religion and architecture, or gain new knowledge about history or the natural sciences. I love exploring new destinations and cultures!” –Martha Rhodes
  14. You’ll meet new people with vast differences as well as many similarities.
  15. Travel is an adventure—whether you’re zip-lining, trying new foods, or wandering through markets.
  16. Your conversations will be that much richer as you bond with people over travel stories.
  17. To get out of a rut…your day-to-day tasks can get monotonous. Travel breaks that up.
  18. The anticipation of a trip makes every day leading up to it so much more exciting.
  19. “To experience a labyrinth of surprises along the way.” –Sally May
  20. Photos of the Great Wall, Tower Bridge, and St. Peter’s Basilica don’t begin to do them justice. You need to see them in person.
  21. Because seeing a giraffe in the wild >>> seeing a giraffe at the zoo.
  22. It makes you more creative.
  23. “To travel is to live.” –Hans Christian Andersen
  24. Stress melts away in the absolute silence and breathtaking beauty of the Valley of the Moon in Chile.
  25. To see just how small our world really is. You’ll be amazed how you can connect with a complete stranger that lives thousands of miles from home.
  26. You will create a deeper bond and incredible memories with your family.
  27. To feel completely anonymous for a few days.
  28. “I’m so glad I never used my vacation days.” –said no one ever.
  29. There’s something freeing about dancing with locals in a foreign country.
  30. Airport restaurants have really stepped up their game.
  31. You’ll gain a new perspective on life.
  32. “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” –Eleanor Roosevelt
  33. Experiencing how other people live in the world. You can see the many differences, but also how we are all very similar.
  34. It helps you see beyond yourself and your wants and needs.
  35. Science says you should pay for experiences like travel, not things.
  36. You will see history up close and personal.
  37. “For me, being a creative soul, it has a lot it to do with filling up my senses. The sights, sounds, flavors, textures; I love experiencing them all for the first time in a new place. Then I bring back those sensations and layer them in our home and our lives.” –Kristen Meckem
  38. New cultures will allow you to rethink the way you do things at home.
  39. Apps are making travel easy and seamless.
  40. You’ll make fast friends over a stein in a beer hall in Munich.
  41. You get to know yourself better—your limits and your abilities—and grow from the experiences.
  42. “Travel teaches kids to be open to new experiences and to enjoy the adventure of being in unfamiliar surroundings.” –Suzette Mack
  43. Mark Twain gets it: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.”
  44. The memories made will last longer than that new dress or TV.
  45. You regret the things you don’t do, not the adventures you embark upon.

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