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10 Trips Boomers Can’t Afford to Put Off


Brownell CEO & President Troy Haas shares ten trips boomers should add to their bucket list. 

There are some trips that you can’t afford to put off, especially the bucket list trips. Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us and before you can say “put it on my Amex,” the years have slipped by and the chances to make those memories are gone.

I’ve spent the bulk of my career in the travel industry, so I have a head-start on these awe-inspiring and life-changing experiences. But I still have a few more boxes to check and many more memories to be made. Read on for my recommendations for enriching and meaningful trips every boomer should put on their short-list.

Troy’s daughter in Kenya during a Safari

1. Charter a barge with friends. Think of it as your own floating villa with a private chef, world-class wines, lots of laughs, and maybe a late-night dance party or two.

2. Go on Safari with your family. This is one your kids will always remember and for which they always be grateful. The lessons learned in the bush without Wi-Fi carry over into so many aspects of life.

3. Take an active trip that is centered around biking, hiking, trekking, or walking. There are innumerable options for every fitness level, even those with negative fitness levels!

4. Your bucket list trip, whatever that is. Maybe it’s exploring ancient Egypt or sailing through the BVIs with family. Maybe it’s Old Faithful! Whatever, however, or how far is immaterial – making the commitment to fulfill that dream is what is important.

Troy and his wife Ann at Wimbledon.

5. Travel to see a major sporting event. I’m a tennis fanatic and my bucket list was to go to all four Grand Slam events, a goal I met this year at Roland Garros in France. Funny, the tennis wasn’t the highlight – it was the laughs and memories with friends.

6. Follow in your family’s footsteps with a heritage trip. Visiting the villages or towns of your family’s origins, where a family member was stationed in the military, or even where you studied abroad is an incredibly powerful thing to share with your loved ones.

7. Take a spiritual journey. For some that may be a faith-based trip to the Holy Land. For others, it could be an exploration of the practices and traditions of Hinduism in India or Budhism in Southeast Asia.

8. Travel with three or more generations. The industry term is “multi-gen” travel, but that’s a sterile description for one of the most life-enriching experiences available. Bringing generations of travelers together to discover a new destination and/or culture is meaningful in way that’s difficult to describe, but impossible to forget.

9. Rent a fully-staffed villa. There are a few destinations in the world where the villas are not only equipped with creature comforts, they are also fully stocked with a warm staff to make your feel relaxed and stress-free.

10. Around the World by Private Jet. Sounds expensive, right? It’s definitely not for penny-pinchers, but there is a surprisingly great deal of value in seeing EVERYTHING on your bucket list while minimizing the time and hassle of commercial air travel. For animal lovers, this is truly one not to be missed.

If you’re ready to get serious about tackling your bucket list, consider Wanderlist, a proactive approach to travel planning that organizes your travel dreams into a clear strategy for the next few years. Learn more about why I recommend Wanderlist here.