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Why You Need Travel Insurance

How many times do you choose to skip travel insurance? Do you find yourself clicking to opt out faster than you cut off the movie theater employee who asks, “For $0.50 more you can get a…”? Despite your instinct to save the extra money, not buying travel insurance is a gamble you don’t want to… Read More >


Important Passport Update

There’s nothing like adding a new stamp to your passport and filling up those pages. If you’re planning on adding new pages to your passport, you better act fast due to this passport update! Starting December 31, 2015, the US State Department will no longer be issuing additional pages for passports. When you run out… Read More >

One Kiss or Two: How to Greet People Around the World

You’ve carefully planned what you’ll wear. You’ve secured reservations at fabulous restaurants. And your hotel — the best of the best! But did you learn how to greet the native people in the destination? One kiss or two? Or just a handshake? Don’t commit a traveler faux pas! Avoid an awkward situation, and learn how… Read More >

12 Things to Remember While Traveling

Our team has been traveling for years—and by years, I mean decades. (127 years and counting!) Our team has experienced all highs that come with travel. The butterflies you feel when you land in a brand-new destination and feel that instant connection. The amazement when you discover a spot not so high on your list that completely… Read More >


Family Travel to Croatia

Sapphire-blue water and breathtaking views make Croatia a destination for everyone’s bucket list. With welcoming people and intriguing culture, Croatia is a great destination for family travel. Walk along the walls of the old city in Dubrovnik and explore the Roman ruins Split. Our partners at A&K shared a few great tips for family travel… Read More >

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