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6 Ways to Enrich Your Life Through Travel

Travel can be transformative and has the power to open our minds and our hearts. When we explore the world, we learn about the people and places that surround us while also learning about ourselves. Although the ways travel enhances our lives are countless, we’ve rounded up 6 ways to enrich your life through travel…. Read More >

Mediterranean Shore Treasures

Below is an excerpt from Virtuoso Life’s article “TIME TO EXPLORE” by Gail Harrington. While cruise routes change year to year, this article gives a unique insight on what to do during various stops on land as you sail through the Mediterranean Sea. See how Gail used her “ashore” time wisely by discovering the ancient… Read More >


This list is your go-to-guide for dining out during a tropical getaway in Turks & Caicos. DA CONCH SHACK AND RUM BAR: This restaurant is situated outside on the beach in an area of Turks & Caicos called Blue Hills. The atmosphere is very casual, complete picnic tables and paper plates. This ANACAONA:  Located at… Read More >

LIMA: Top 5 “Must-See” Sights

Larco Herrera Museum : Interesting collection of pre-Incan pottery, textiles, tools, weapons, adornments, skulls and a body wrapped for burial.  Our preferred onsite guides are known to make the history of coastal Peru come alive! Located about ½ way between Miraflores and the airport. Pre-Incan Pyramids: There are two of these unique pyramids located in… Read More >


The following is an excerpt from Virtuoso Life’s “All the World’s Treasures” by Kathy Schultz. Tahiti is listed by Kathy in her “ultimate guide to gems around the globe” and Brownell can get you there! So if you are enchanted by French Polynesia and the gems it has to offer, read below for an insider’s… Read More >