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Adventures in Egypt

Adventures in Egypt

Egypt is one country that tops the buckets list of many people. Filled with ancient treasures positioned alongside modern cities, this country features sites that you’ve got to see in person to fully experience their magnitude. With the turmoil in the country over the past few years it comes as no surprise that people are… Read More >

Talk Like An Egyptian

While English is widely spoken in Egypt, it is always smart to brush up on the native language before visiting a foreign country. This not only shows respect for locals, but makes you a more sophisticated traveler by being open to a different culture. Below are a few common Arabic phrases to use during your… Read More >

Wonders of Ancient Egypt

Linda Terrill, a luxury travel advisor for Brownell, has just returned from an amazing adventure in Egypt. Read on for her fun review. I am home from Egypt, where I accompanied a small group on Trafalgar’s “Wonders of Ancient Egypt” tour. My group wanted a moderately priced trip, but naturally wanted an exceptional experience with… Read More >

Live from Egypt

Linda Terrill, a luxury travel advisor for Brownell, is currently with a small group touring Egypt. Read on for her adventures so far! I’m sitting in a dirty little dive on the banks of the Nile River, but they have Internet access. When the river boat announced on our arrival that their internet access was… Read More >