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12 Things to Remember While Traveling

Our team has been traveling for years—and by years, I mean decades. (127 years and counting!) Our team has experienced all highs that come with travel. The butterflies you feel when you land in a brand-new destination and feel that instant connection. The amazement when you discover a spot not so high on your list that completely… Read More >

Brownell Book Club

Brownell Book Club

What do 8-hour flights, long layovers, and lazy beach days all have in common? They are the perfect times to delve into a book! When traveling, there is plenty of time to explore and experience a destination, but the journey also comes with down time where you can read. And when you’re not traveling, a… Read More >


Why I Should Have Used a Travel Advisor

Earlier this week we shared 50 reasons to use a Travel Advisor. Having worked for Brownell for 9-months, I’ve come to truly appreciate how critical an Advisor is. But sadly before working here, I just didn’t get it, and boy do I regret it! The week before I started, a friend and I headed out on… Read More >

Top 10 Travel Questions

Google’s Top 10 Travel Questions: Answered!

In 2014, people asked Google a lot of questions—we’re talking trillions of searches! At the end of the year, Google rounded up its 2014 stats, including the top 10 travel questions. From packing tips to when to travel to one of the hottest destinations (Asia!), we’ve shared our responses to these questions below. 1. How… Read More >

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

With each New Year come New Year’s Resolutions. Eat healthier, exercise more—you know the drill. While all of those are fabulous goals (especially if you can make it last beyond 3 weeks, unlike me), our resolutions are of course about travel. Even the most well-traveled Advisors have goals that can streamline their trips or make… Read More >

    • The Brownell Family of Travel Advisors are meeting with top executives of the finest hotels, resorts, guides, experiences, ocean and river vessels to learn what’s
    • Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? We do! Brownell is busy planning fabulous experiences for clients who are eager to
    • Where are these beautiful wine lands? Any guesses? Brownell travel coordinator extraordinaire  @courtneysanak  captured this perfect moment.
    • We’re Hiring! Join our team in the newly created position of Marketing Manager for our best-in-class hosting program for independent travel entrepreneurs. Link in Bio
    • Martin Luther King, Jr wrote “Letter from A Birmingham City Jail,” April 16, 1963 just a few blocks away from Brownell’s then headquarters. We are