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Watch: History of Brownell

The first Brownell Travellers set sail in 1887 aboard the SS Devonia, a predecessor of Cunard. We invite you to watch the video below for a brief history of our storied and celebrated company.

Discovering More About the History of Brownell

As we celebrate 125 years of Discovering More, it is fascinating to find multiple generations of a family who have been travelling with Brownell through the years. Bowden Sarrett’s client has shared a remarkable anecdote about her mother-in-law’s journey with Brownell to Europe in 1931. In the height uncertainty that came with the Great Depression,… Read More >

How do I get Your Job?

Join the travel industry through the finest luxury host agency. If I could count the number of times someone has asked me, “how do I get your job?!?!?!” I could retire to a fabulous destination instead of just selling and visiting them. Careers in the travel industry are among the most dynamic and rewarding –… Read More >