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What is the Israeli currency and where can I exchange U.S. dollars?

The Shekel is Israel’s official currency. All major credit cards are generally accepted in shops, restaurants, and hotels. The U.S. dollar is also widely accepted. Exchange your currency only in authorized locations such as banks and hotels and only exchange what you think you’ll actually spend whilst in-country. Re-conversion upon departure may be difficult. Coins cannot be re-converted.

What cuisine can I expect in Israel?

Israeli food is mainly a blend of the Mediterranean and Middle East. “Kosher” refers to food that Is eaten and prepared according to Jewish dietary law. Pork, which is prohibited under both Jewish and Muslim law, is generally not available in Israel. Most Israelies eat a large breakfast, a main meal with meat at midday, and a lighter meal in the evening. Jewish law states that meat and dairy foods should never be served together at the same meal. While restaurants generally cater to these preferences, the vast majority are prepared to offer alternatives, especially to overseas visitors.