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Ask an Advisor - St. Lucia

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Do the hotels and resorts close during Hurricane Season?

No! St. Lucia is so far south in the Windward Islands, that it is rarely impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms. In fact, in the last 15 years, only 2 hurricanes have impacted the island. Not only are the hotels open, but they are usually fully operational too—meaning that all of their restaurants, bars, and pools will be open.

What activities are there to do on the island?

Activities greatly depend on where you are staying. It is not a quick trip from the north of the island to the south. Typically, you visit one or the other for a day trip during your stay. The north side has several great restaurants and dining options within walking distance of many water sports (i.e. catamaran cruises, night sails, and golf). The south side of the island is where all of the historical plantations are located. Waterfalls, volcano visits, and the famed Pitons are located on the southern portion of the island.

Can I swim in the famed Sulpher Springs?

Yes! Your Brownell advisor can arrange for you to visit the Sulpher Springs and drive through the volcano. We do recommend wearing a black (or dark) bathing suit, as the clay from the sulpher springs can stain lighter colors. The water here is very warm, and travelers often enjoy bathing themselves and smearing the sumptuous clay over their skin.