Catherine Parkin - Independent Travel Advisor

Catherine Parkin

Independent Travel Advisor




Catherine Parkin is a born planner. Whether it is financial planning or designing trips around the world, she has a keen eye for details and a passion for creating relationships with people. Catherine joined Brownell’s Mentoring Program in 2015 and launched Catherine Parkin Travel. After working 15 years in the financial service industry, Catherine knows that a person’s time is one of their most important assets. She uses her personal experiences from traveling throughout the world as well as her knack for research to craft custom travel experiences for clients.

A strong believer in “wings, not things,” Catherine understands that people’s lives are truly enriched by seeing new cultures and destinations. She focuses on each client to build a relationship and learn their unique travel preferences. She strives to exceed expectations on each trip.

Catherine has a passion for family travel. She believes that travel makes children global citizens and gives them a deeper appreciation for their own surroundings. The time a family gets to spend with each other during a trip is invaluable. She also loves to design couples trips, parent getaways, or girls/guys trips.

Destination Specialties: Rocky Mountains, Disney, Northern and Southern California, Mexico, England, Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand

Travel Specialties: Adventure, Family Vacation, Food and Wine, History and Culture, Hotels, Ski Vacations