Brandi Sides - Creative Services Coordinator

Brandi Sides

Creative Services Coordinator


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Brandi Sides’ love of all things creative is only matched with her passion for adventure. Whether she’s doing a grand tour of Ireland, seeing the best hotels and resorts or driving across the country to discover our nation’s hidden treasure, she is always game to pack up and go. And when she’s not exploring the world, she manages the creative direction of Brownell’s print and digital collateral as Creative Services Coordinator. From invitations to logos to our website, Brandi puts her magic touch on everything. She supports the in-house leisure team and M&I division as well as all of our independent advisors.

Besides designing and traveling, Brandi spends time with her husband and their two dogs. She graduated from University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in graphic design and ceramics (yes, she can do that too!).