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River Cruising 101

River cruising is one of the hottest trends in travel, and it isn’t slowing down! From Europe to Asia to South America, river cruises take travelers right into iconic cities and charming towns with the ease of unpacking once. There are so many amazing ships to choose from, so we’ve broken down a few of… Read More >

Christmas Market River Cruise

What do you get when you put two ladies who love shopping, wine, and exploring new cultures on a European Christmas Markets river cruise? One fabulous adventure! Brownell’s Vice President of Marketing and Development Haisley Smith and Senior Marketing Coordinator Austin Vollmer ended 2016 with an exciting AmaWaterways river cruise down the Rhine. Get the… Read More >

5 Tips for the Best Trip You’ve Ever Had

A good trip will leave you feeling excited and energized to experience more of our beautiful world. As much as we all love getting the hot new item or gadget, experiences like travel contribute much more to our overall happiness than material things. So take a break from online shopping and start making your dream… Read More >

5 Iconic Hotels Around the World

There are great hotels, and then there are the ones that hold a place in history. These legendary hotels hosted some of the most famous – and infamous – people or had a starring role as the set of a movie or TV show. They have withstood the test of time and will always rise… Read More >

Expeditions Around the World

Do you want a travel experience of a lifetime? We’re not talking a nice getaway where you see something pretty cool – we’re talking adrenaline-pumping, out-of-the-ordinary, cross-it-off-your-bucket-list type of trip. The one where you’re torn between taking photos to capture every moment and just soaking it in because it’s so amazing. Yeah, that kind of… Read More >