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New Year’s Resolutions

Ready or not, the New Year is almost here! As you think about ways to improve yourself in the New Year, don’t forget to make travel New Year’s Resolutions! We share 7 below. 1. I will use my vacation days. All of them. Don’t be one of the many Americans that leave unused vacation days on… Read More >

Why Choose Seabourn? The Seabourn Difference

There are so many cruise lines, so why choose Seabourn? Just like Brownell, Seabourn makes enriching lives a top priority. When you sail on one of their intimate ships, you don’t just see a destination; you experience it. Seabourn’s vessels can cruise into the heart of landmark cities as well as into hidden gems so… Read More >

Why You Need Travel Insurance

How many times do you choose to skip travel insurance? Do you find yourself clicking to opt out faster than you cut off the movie theater employee who asks, “For $0.50 more you can get a…”? Despite your instinct to save the extra money, not buying travel insurance is a gamble you don’t want to… Read More >

Treat Yourself 2016

Are you looking to go somewhere extra special in 2016? Perhaps you’ve decided that this is the year to treat yourself? (like Tom and Donna from Parks & Recreation in clip below) Well we’ve got just the trips. Our Advisors shared their most luxurious hotels and experiences that are simply over the top. Around the… Read More >

5 Trips to Book NOW

With countless early bird offers and savings, January is the ideal time start planning upcoming travel. You’ve got the entire year ahead of you, so plan something to get excited about – a fabulous trip! Even better, our Brownell Advisors can access exclusive promotions and special amenities that take an ordinary vacation to an exceptional… Read More >