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United Kingdom vs. Great Britain

United Kingdom vs. Great Britain

United Kingdom vs. Great Britain – what’s what!? When a country is made up of other countries, it gets very confusing. So we’ve created a graph to clear things up, appropriately made of our favorite meal from across the pond—fish and chips with a pint of Guinness! Here is the breakdown: The Whole Meal is… Read More >

Luxurious Accommodations in the Lush Scottish Countryside

One of our favorite ways to discover Scotland is a stay at a countryside castle fit for a king. Whether your interests include golf, relaxation, discovering the wine and food of Scotland, or just enjoying the scenery, we have many preferred partners  that can go above and beyond to help you achieve your Scottish dreams!… Read More >

Luxury Driving Tour in Ireland

Cyndy Stanfordis a Brownell Travel Consultant with expertise in a variety of countries, including many parts of Europe. These are her reflections on her travels to Ireland in March 2008. I spent time this month all over Ireland! Hot spots included everything from the Westbury Hotel in Dublin to Dromoland Castle hotel. The group was… Read More >