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Family Travel to Croatia

Sapphire-blue water and breathtaking views make Croatia a destination for everyone’s bucket list. With welcoming people and intriguing culture, Croatia is a great destination for family travel. Walk along the walls of the old city in Dubrovnik and explore the Roman ruins Split. Our partners at A&K shared a few great tips for family travel… Read More >

Croatia: Top 3 Ways to Explore Plus a Don’t-Miss Destination

Croatia, located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, is filled with old world charm and infused with a breezy Mediterranean climate. Travel in Croatia means a lot of island hopping, which can be catered to your travel needs when coordinated correctly. Below are our Advisor-approved ways to experience the many islands of Croatia’s coast. Bike… Read More >

Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey Travels

Sally May and her girls took an exciting trip this August to Europe. August 16-17, 2010: The beginning of our adventure. We headed over seas via Swiss Airways in a brand new jet—complete with USB plug-ins at the seat back that actually charged your electronics! After a not so brief layover in Zurich, we were… Read More >

Travel with my Daughter. Part 5

This is the fifth in a series of posts from Debbie Fairvalley‘s 3 week adventure with her 16-year-old daughter, Wallis.Day 10 A Day at Sea It feels good to awaken and KNOW that we are on the ship for the day – AAAHHHH relaxation! I take in a morning stretch class and yoga to get… Read More >