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  • I am still overwhelmed by the special things you set up for us in Prague and the wonderful guides, hotels, restaurants,...Read More

  • Our trip to Little Dix could not have gone any better.  The resort was absolutely unbelievable, and the people there...Read More

  • Our trip was filled with wonderful memories and my Dad was thrilled to tears just as I thought he would be. Truly......Read More

  • We had a fabulous trip and it was mostly due to the planning and execution by Kelly. She was very hands on and directed...Read More

  • Martha was our travel angel!  Because of unforeseen circumstances, we had been unable to plan our vacation in advance...Read More

  • What a great job you did!  We will absolutely be telling our friends and recommending Brownell...Read More

  • Hey Bowden! We had the BEST time! The food was fantastic. Thanks for helping us with such a great trip...Read More

  • You have truly spoiled us and from now on I wouldn't even consider planning a trip without you. My expectations were...Read More

  • Laura, you are awesome!!  As usual, your recommendations for excursions and restaurants was spot on, and the hotel was...Read More

  • For once, someone else did all the planning and thinking for us. We just had to show up and have fun...Read More

  • My special needs son travels frequently. Even after hours, Wayne will inform me of my son's flight departure, arrival...Read More

  • Brownell has quickly become an essential resource for our family...Read More

  • Thank you very much for your assistance with the Salem Fields Community Church mission trip to Kiev.  As this would not...Read More

  • We had a wonderful time and probably the best weeks of our life. Thanks to you, our trip was smooth, the hotel...Read More

  • My Brownell Travel Advisor offers valuable industry experience that  improves the efficiency, cost and the enjoyment,...Read More

  • A word to those who may be debating about using a travel planner. I would say absolutely if it’s Travel with Martha!...Read More

  • Where do I even begin to thank you for all the amazing help you provided to me and my family! I wanted to let you know...Read More

  • We were totally blown away with the upgrade to our room #603.  Usually we do not spend much time in the room, but we...Read More

  • We are with you until we stop traveling! I will never (ever, ever, ever) travel without a travel advisor again...Read More

  • Deborah, Thank you for your good work with Jessica and my trip to Scotland. The Edinburgh / Culloden House / drive to...Read More

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