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  • Caroline - I cried when I left Singita on Saturday. Tears steaming down my face if that gives you an idea of how much I...Read More

  • Katherine - our honeymoon couldn't have been more amazing. From the flowers and champagne awaiting us upon arrival to...Read More

  • Our trip to Italy was amazing- truly the best we have been on. The hotel in Venice was awesome, very friendly, great...Read More

  • Sherrie and Hannah, sending my special thanks and very best wishes your way for making the cruise Bill and I dreamed of...Read More

  • Carrie -We had an amazing time, thank you for everything you did to make it go smoothly. When I get my pix together we'...Read More

  • From hotel booking to family vacations, Stephanie provides exceptional service through her initial consultation, prompt...Read More

  • We had a fabulous time in Kenya! The people were beautiful and warm and the trip was spectacular! Thank you sincerely...Read More

  • We had such a fabulous time in Spain. The trip was wonderful. The hotels were great. Our guided tours were excellent and...Read More

  • It has truly, truly been a fantastic trip. We didn't want it to end. Everything about it was just perfect! Thank you so...Read More

  • In all of my experience with travel agents I have never received this type of caring service. I feel as though I am...Read More

  • Suzette arranged our travel to Alaska. She advised us on planning, sites to see, travel insurance and accommodations....Read More

  • We had a fabulous trip and it was mostly due to the planning and execution by Kelly. She was very hands on and directed...Read More

  • This was our third stay at our favorite resort, but what a difference it made this time being a Brownell client! They...Read More

  • Karen's experience and guidance took the stress out of planning, allowing us to feel calm and prepared to truly enjoy...Read More

  • Our trip to Paris was wonderful - we were upgraded to the beautiful penthouse with lovely private entrance at Le Bristol...Read More

  • Thank you for helping us! The rooms at The Del were spacious and nice, and the adjoining rooms were perfect. There was...Read More

  • In this day of "Cheap Tickets" and online booking engines there has to be someone who is still interested in...Read More

  • What an awesome trip! The ship was more than we expected. Would have loved to have stayed on Princess Coral for another...Read More

  • The level of service you can expect from Brownell is nothing short of first class. No stone is left unturned to ensure...Read More

  • Bowden, Milissa Davis, and Wendy Buckingham are AWESOME!!! Absolute ROCK STARS that dominate the complexities of--and...Read More

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