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  • WHAT A TRIP!!! Every item on our itinerary was perfect, thanks to you. Not one problem did we encounter, no...Read More

  • We just had the nicest vacay in a long time- perfect planning thanks to you. My first box of shoes just arrived and I am...Read More

  • We were totally blown away with the upgrade to our room #603.  Usually we do not spend much time in the room, but we...Read More

  • Ron made our trip to Italy and France easy for us and his attention to detail was 110%.    ...Read More

  • I just wanted to thank you for working with us and making our trip to St. Lucia perfect! We had such a fabulous time and...Read More

  • We truly cannot say enough about Kristen and the amazing service she provides. Her knowledge and organization in...Read More

  • Amanda, I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in creating a fabulous trip for Rachel and me. Every aspect of...Read More

  • Dear Judy, I've been home for a whole week and I still have smile on my face. The trip was wonderful!!! I'll have many...Read More

  • Dear Kristen, we cannot thank you enough for your care of our family. We truly appreciate all of your assistance and...Read More

  • When planning our family trip to France, I tried booking things on my own. After struggling to find a suitable hotel for...Read More

  • From hotel booking to family vacations, Stephanie provides exceptional service through her initial consultation, prompt...Read More

  • Brownell has quickly become an essential resource for our family...Read More

  • Kelly planned an extraordinary honeymoon trip to Italy for us. She expertly guided us through the planning process,...Read More

  • I’m overwhelmed,stoked ,knocked out - it's over the top cool! We're in a stateroom with our own private deck and a...Read More

  • I'm beginning to see what we've been missing by not working with a serious professional to set up our trips. Thanks very...Read More

  • You are the best. Thank you so much, you have saved us a ton...Read More

  • Thank you for putting the trip together. We had an amazing time. We will recommend your service to any of our friends...Read More

  • Our honeymoon was EXACTLY what we were looking for! The views were magnificent, the ocean was beautiful, and we were...Read More

  • The food was exceptional, the accommodations were wonderful and we truly couldn't have asked for anything else!  I...Read More

  • We had a fabulous trip and it was mostly due to the planning and execution by Kelly. She was very hands on and directed...Read More

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